1975 Chevy Vega

Jake Swartout
Tarboro, NC

I bought this ‘74 Chevy Vega because my dad raced pro stocks back in the 70’s. He had a Vega in ‘74-‘75 named “Priscilla”. Although he wrecked it and almost killed himself, I was captivated by the Vega. My dad spoke differently about that car from all the others. When I was 15, he passed away and I always dreamed of building one of his cars. So now I’m 31 and I got my hands on a 74 Vega, and I plan to build a pro street clone of Priscilla. 70’s paint, striping, and of course a tunnel ram. I just got the block machined and bottom end built. When I bought the car, it was all original with this horrible paint job where they drizzled orange paint all over it. Now I’ve got it in primer until I get the motor swap done and running right. The fuel system was flushed, wiring was cleaned up, and grounds were either cleaned or rewired. I replaced plugs and plug wires, added door panels and dash pad from a Vega wagon painted black, and Chevette front seats dyed black. Plastic trim had to be sourced and painted black. There is minimal aftermarket for these cars, so I had to do it the old school way. And honestly some of the most fun I’ve had has been at the junkyard.