1955 Ford F100

Lucas Higgins
McMinnville, TN

I found this truck in a salvage yard after visiting Loretta Lynn’s ranch back on Oct 13, 2017, and it was going to be crushed due to it being wrecked and so badly rusted. I asked to buy it to use as yard art since there were no VIN tags and it was scheduled to be crushed anyway. They agreed and I ended up paying 1200 for it because my wife wanted to use it to sit in the driveway and use to decorate for each season. Once we picked it up and trailered it home to my shop, I found out the truck was originally an AllRight Termite service truck and was wrecked and decommissioned, so I decided I wanted to be able to drive it rather than pull it with the tractor to move from area to area for my wife to decorate for fall, Christmas, and so on. The original v8 was rusted stuck and no way to break free with the pistons corroded to the cylinder’s so I set out to do a body swap on another truck's frame and running gear. I found a good 1998 Ford Ranger that ran and drove great with a 2.5L and 5-speed but had a badly damaged body. I disassembled the body and cut the cab mounts off the Ranger's frame along with the front frame horns, sat the cab of the '55 on it and centered it to the front wheels by mounting the fenders to the cab, then made my own cab mounts and front frame horns along with a square tube bed frame to mount the bed to the original ranger frame holes. Once the cab and bed were in place, I decided to cut the dash out and insert the Ranger's dash in the '55 and paint it all to match the truck's original color to make it look close to factory. The more and more I did the more I decided to repair all the rust and do faux patina where new panels were. I did all this on my YouTube channel 1194video and have more left to do. I have driven the truck to several states and really enjoyed it. I just finished the bed floor using composite deck wood and aluminum material all by hand, added clear to protect the original patina, and added a nice set of wheels. I have the 1-piece door glass in but still need to add the power regulators. I also plan on eventually going full air ride and adding the original Allright Termite logo back to the door and hope to someday find that company to show them the truck back on the road. It’s a running, driving truck, has air, heat, power glass, and all the new model amenities you would want with an everyday driver and I’m getting 15mpg while enjoying a '55 F100.