1936 Dodge D-2 Coupe

Herbie Horn
Yakima, WA

Been to many cars shows and haven’t seen one yet. So, it’s a Dodge coupe and Chevys and Fords get way too much attention. This is the 3rd rig I’ve worked on to bring back from the dead. I’ve made a pretty '60 Apache and a really nice '70 Duster. Each had a few upgrades. The Dodge will be my most involved build, with the most mods and most engineering. This will be a rat rod with, hopefully, awesome interior and look like it’s not gonna make it to the next stop light. Gonna race. Gonna show. Gonna put miles under the car. So far, I have a 340 engine (purchased already rebuilt with 13:1 compression, then took it apart and milled the high dome off the pistons and reassembled it. We’ll see if I like it), an A-999 lock up transmission (I rebuilt it), a narrowed 8.8 in the rear (planning on triangulated four link), and a front end with a four link with transverse leaf spring, and a disc brake conversion. Still attempting to figure out the steering.