Chatting with Jimmie Johnson

December 03, 2018
Shiftin' GearZ

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Jimmie talks LeMans, Baja 1000 and racing wherever you can.

Jimmie talks LeMans, Baja 1000

Recent News

  • Come out to Rattletrap Productions, bring your ride, tour the GearZ TV studio and meet Stacey at our next event on September 21, 2019.

  • Checking the lights before the tools went in

  • We took Sgt. Rock to the Cornwell Rally in Orlando, where they were celebrating 100 years of quality! We lifted the rock on Thursday afternoon and he came down on Saturday evening.

  • Not everything makes an episode of the show…here are a couple of clips that we found.

  • The last step before we start to shape and weld. Plan it out, Put it in place, and really look at it. If something looks a little out of whack, it probably is.

  • From 5 HP to exploding funny cars, Leah’s worked extremely hard to make a living as a top fuel driver.