Removing Rusty Hardware

March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
Kevin King from Acworth, GA says: "When I was in my late teens I was trying to fix up an old 57 CJ5. I was trying to replace theold wooden body to frame mounts. I very carefully took the bolts loose, soaking them and and busting my knuckles and rounding off heads. The old timer mechanic at the parts store asked what I was doing with all the penetrating oil. I told him and he started to chuckle. "Boy you are putting in new hardware on all that right?" I said yes. "Then why are you fighting the old ones?" I had to get them off and they are all rusted - can't use a torch so how else? He says "Here, take this 3/4 drive set and just tighten them till they snap!" I went home and in 30 minutes I had all the old bolts and mounts off!" Stacey's Comments: ? In this kind of situation, where you have access to both sides of the bolt, this is a great way to remove old rusty hardware. It is faster and cleaner then a cut-off wheel or Sawzall.

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