Miller Plasma Cutting Tip #2: Air Quality Trouble Shooting

March 08, 2011
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Miller Welding and Cutting Tips for Gearz Plasma Cutting Tip #2 Plasma Cutting Air Quality Trouble Shooting Plasma cutting has become very popular for anyone cutting metal in the garage, in the shop, or in the field. Plasma cutting equipment is getting smaller, more efficient and more cost effective making it a great tool for guys that have metal cutting needs. One of the most common problems that operators experience while using a Plasma cutting tool is premature wear of consumables (tips and electrodes) due to poor air quality. Most hand-held plasma cutters need air from a compressor or bottle from a welding distributor, but what many forget is that air flowing through the air line in many cases carries water or humidity, as well as potential steel and rust particles from your air line or the bottom of your compressor. All of these things conduct electricity and when they come in contact with the high voltage flowing through your plasma cutting torch, can cause pre-mature wear on your consumables and torch costing you your hard earned money. To control moisture and particles in your line, many manufacturers offer filter/dryer accessories that work well. Miller offers an In-Line filter/dryer that performs well with small plasma cutters like the Spectrum 375 X-TREME and 625 X-TREME. This filter mounts with a quick disconnect in your line right behind the plasma cutter and removes 99% of the moisture build up and 1 micron and In-Line Filter, Miller Part #228926 larger particles. The filter element is replaceable and should be visually checked regularly. The filter element may become slimy when subject to heavy moisture, but will still work properly. If the element is black and discolored, you need to replace it with a new filter element. The complete filter kit sells for less than $100, a minimal investment for lifetime of savings. Check Miller’s websites for additional filtration options.

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