Milk Crate Step Up

March 08, 2011
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I know shop safety is the most important factor, so climbing onto a empty inverted 5 gallon bucket is out of the question while working on some lifted trucks in the shop. I have friends who will stand on a plank between two cinder blocks, Which always toppled over and these guys are almost impaling themselves on the hood latch. Well I came up with an idea and it works great in any shop. What you need is 3 each square milk crates that you can lash together with zip ties. This idea has been beneficial in our little shop. You attach 2 together for the base and one more on top for the step up. What I like the most of my idea is the portability of it. Also having holes in the crates will also give you traction when you need it the most. Dennis from New Jersey STACEY'S COMMENT: This is a great idea. It is simple, practical, and useful and you can get milk crates anywhere. It won't be long before you see some thing like this and charge $100 for it!

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