Check It Carefully

March 08, 2011
Quick Tips
When you are looking at the engine under the hood, take a quick peek at the inner fenders and mounting flanges for bent metal and paint overspray. These are areas that most people don't take the time to fix properly and damage or weird paint here is a good indicator that the vehicle has been wrecked and you need to beware. CHECK IT OVER CAREFULLY!

Recent News

  • There is no better way to wrap up this season of Gearz than to put a wrap on our Search and Rescue Gladiator build. Over 13 episodes, 13 modifications were made to thi

  • The Cheetah is back from paint! It’s not an illusion… you don’t need to adjust your television set the fastest cat on the planet is back!

  • It’s no coincidence that when you look at a vehicle you see a face.

  • Square Body trucks are just about the hottest thing on the restoration market these days and our Stunt Double is no exception!

  • We’re seeing double in the Gearz Garage! Stunt Double, that is. This amazing square body is coming together!

  • You never know who you’re going to run in to while they are in the middle of a restoration project.

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