GearZ on the Road!

October 08, 2021

On this episode, Stacey leaves the garage to visit a local car builder and his son. What he finds is not only one, but two, great projects that bridge the generation gap and the differences between classic hot rod and a road-course tuner build. These two may not agree on everything when it comes to the cars they build and drive, but they can agree that time in the shop with each other is time well spent! Then hang around as Stacey takes us through the steps of getting a 1941 Ford Coupe running and why taking it for a spin right away is not always the best thing to do.

Recent News

  • Stacey shows how America’s oldest tool company, Cornwell Tools, is changing the way you look at tool storage with their Platinum Series boxes and accessories.  Never a

  • Quick, what does a tribologist, lubricity, and stiction have in common? If you’re thinking STAR TREK, you’re wrong! If you’re thinking oil, you’re right!

  • Old Faded Levi is back in the shop on Gearz, as Stacey deals with the final upgrade that every old CJ jeep can benefit from… A GOOD TOP!

  • Stacey dives deep into the exciting and unpredictable world of the automotive auctions, as we follow two potential sellers to Mecum.

  • Ever wonder what goes into making a supercar a supercar? Top speed? Names like Ferrari or Lamborghini? The price? The pedigree?

  • Chances are, if you’ve pulled a car or truck out of a barn or a field or got a “steal” of a deal on craigslist, there’s going to be some metal work in your near future.