On the Road

Season 8, Episode 7

Stacey hits the road to visit one of the members of GEARZ Nation to see if he can lend a hand on his project. The owner is a 16 year old kid and the subject is his daily driver, a ’96 Dodge pickup that’s looking a little rough from years of use and abuse. But that quickly changes as Stacey jumps in and helps give the truck a new face, and at the same time offers plenty of tips and tricks to help breathe a vital breath of fresh air into a project that had become stagnate. If you don’t think a project vehicle is for you, your mind will change once you see what a difference some time, expertise, and a few parts can make to a beat up old truck! After that, Stacey takes a look at the amazing Moduline Cabinets and digs into what makes them so great.

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