Barn Find: The Richard Petty Story

Season 8, Episode 6

If you’ve been around cars very much, you’ve heard the term “barn find”. It’s a term that depicts that “diamond in the rough” vehicle that everybody wants to find. Well, Stacey delves into the barn find phenomenon, and unveils what could be the ultimate barn find…..the lost Richard Petty Car! Follow the incredible story of the car that Richard and Maurice Petty built in their early days, that was then sold and disappeared for decades….. only to be found by Stacey and returned to Richard Petty so it could take it’s rightful place in the Petty Museum. It’s a fact that very few car stories have a happy ending. This is one that does and also has the pedigree of being one of the “King’s” first chariots. It’s gearhead archeology at it’s best!

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