The Legendary Tom Daniel

Season 16, Episode 13

Question: who is the most influential automotive designer of all time? Did they work for Ford, Chevy, Ferrari, or Jaguar? Or were they more of a maverick and designed race cars like Lola, McLaren, or Chapparal? Well as amazing as all these people were, no car designer influenced the hot rod world like the legendary Tom Daniel. With vehicles like the “Red Baron”, “Beer Wagon”, “Paddy Wagon”, and “Tijuana Taxi”, he didn’t just capture the imaginations of millions of young gearheads, he and Monogram gave them the models to build their own version. But there is so much more to the story and the elusive man and his creative, artistic genius. Today, Stacey and the GEARZ crew journey to Utah to find out more about the legendary car designer Tom Daniel. After that, Stacey gets cutting and chopping on the Toolboxer projects, then we venture out on the road to visit a crazy fiddle player and his project with rust issues! Only on GEARZ!


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