Sgt Rock Guitar

The Sgt. Rock project was such a natural fit for a killer custom guitar, that most people knew we were going to build one. However, it has been the most difficult guitar to build so far, because I truly wanted it to be special… the truck is so unique. Not only did we have to come up with something that looked the part, but it had to be able to play the part as well… literally! This couldn’t be something that just LOOKED good… It had to PERFORM at the highest level just like the truck does.

So after several years, and numerous prototypes from different manufacturers, the official Sgt. Rock guitar is finally done. It features the same paint, nose art, aluminum and rivets that the truck does… so it looks right. But it also has a special neck, fingerboard, body shape and pickup configuration, so it sounds and plays as well as it looks. No matter if you’re into the bite of single coils or the sing of humbuckers, Sgt. Rock can handle it… and whatever else you may want to throw at it. If you want to “play” with a song, get a toy guitar… If you want to seriously kick it’s ass, unleash the Sgt! With a limited production run from Tennessee Electric Guitar, that means only 25 people will be able to get their hands on one of the most versatile electric guitars ever made. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  • Hard rock maple neck
  • Inlaid ebony headstock and Sgt. Rock logo in back
  • Copper Tennessee Electric logo on headstock (this matches the copper DODGE name plate on the hood of the truck)
  • 25 ½” scale Richlite Fingerboad, with star inlay on 5th fret. (the single star on the neck matches the single star on the door of the truck)
  • Locking tuners
  • Sculpted basswood body with easy access heel (this not only makes the guitar comfortable to stand and play, but also gives easier access to the higher frets for all you shredders)
  • Custom “Sgt. Rock Metallic” paint and Memphis Belle pin up girl. (this is the same paint and the same pinup art that are featured on the truck. The pinup girl is the same used on the WWII B-17 bomber, “the Memphis Belle”
  • Three Seymour Duncan little ’59 mini humbucking pickups (these are special humbuckers that fit in the space of a single coil for a super clean look)
  • Five way pickup selector switch featuring Bourns push/pull pots for coil splitting (this allows you run the pickups as humbuckers or single coils, or a combination of both…giving you the sounds of a Stratocaster and a Les Paul in one guitar.)
  • Hand brushed aluminum pickguard with clear PC protectant. (this matches the hand built aluminum panels on the doors, console and interior of the truck)
  • Brass pickguard hardware ( this matches the brass hardware used on the interior dash and console inside the truck)
  • PLEK setup by Joe Glaser (Joe is simply one of the best Guitar set up guys in the world)
  • Limited edition Sgt. Rock 1/64th diecast truck.
  • Hard shell case
Tenneessee Electric Guitar
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