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Stay organized with these comprehensive guides that keeps your project on schedule… and for your little one, The Purple Bicycle offers a humorous and insightful look at discovering who you are…..and being comfortable with it.

Project Planning Book

The Project Planning Book is a comprehensive guide to not only keep your project on budget but to keep up with all the receipts and part #'s so that you stay on track.  It is also a great companion to help that Gear Head enthusiast reach their goals. Makes for a great gift for that special person!

Electrical Wiring Book

Everybody knows that wiring can be intimidating to most gearheads. That’s not because it is too complicated, it’s because most gearheads have never had it explained to them properly.

This is where the GEARZ WIRING BOOK comes in. It lays out the basics of automobile wiring in a simple and humorous way, and will have you wiring up your project properly in no time. It covers everything from what electricity is and how it works, to the formulas and practical applications of how to make it work for you.

If you are ever going to re-wire a vehicle, or just add a couple of simple accessories or lights, you NEED this book, because you NEED to know what’s in it!

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The Purple Bicycle Book

This is an original story about the adventures of a Purple Bicycle, and his struggle to find his identity. Written in the unique style of Stacey David, this story offers a humorous and insightful look at discovering who you are… and being comfortable with it.

Available on backorder

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