The Nutmegs Downloadable Christmas Album

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One Christmas, years ago, Stacey David was part of a four-man acapella group called “The Nutmegs.” While digging through the archives we found a recording they made of their special blend of Christmas songs. So now, once again, everyone can enjoy the doowap sounds of Ace, Rocko, Jocko, and Eugene, otherwise known as “The Nutmegs.”

*8 Song Soundtrack



Since it’s Christmas time, we’ve got something special to put you in the Christmas spirit. Most people know that Stacey was a professional musician and vocalist in Nashville for many years at the same time he was building custom vehicles in his  shop, The RattleTrap.  Because of this, people are always asking about recordings he played on or shows he was in. Well, one Christmas Stacey was part of a four-man acapella singing group called “The Nutmegs”, that performed at Opryland in Nashville. It was a lot of fun and very popular with the crowd, and fortunately they decided one night to go in the studio and lay down some tracks on what they were doing… this is the recording they made.

Now for a little background… The Nutmegs was the brainchild of Do-wop legend Steve Jarrell (who was a founding member of east coast group “The Sons of the Beach”) and arranger Henry Smiley. The goal was  to blend classic Do-wop style, with more modern jazz flavored harmonies. The results were pretty spectacular when you listen to it, especially considering that these songs were all recorded in a single take with no overdubbing, and there is no instrumentation. Just four guys singing and snapping their fingers. Since the Nutmegs were designed to be a live show, they couldn’t just stand there and sing, so they were told to develop some characters so it would be fun and entertaining to watch. So… that’s what they did. Let us introduce you to the Nutmegs.

ACE – Steve Jarrell:    Since Steve was older than the rest of the guys, he was naturally the leader of the group.   So he was put in a pinstriped suit and fedora hat like a classic 50’s gangster.  Steve sings lead on a couple songs and was usually the only one that kept things moving forward when the rest of the guys started laughing and cutting up!

ROCKO – Michael Lusk:  Rocko was the classic 50’s leather jacketed greaser, and Mike played the part well.  He sings lead on several songs and went on to a long career singing tenor and playing bass with the likes of Loretta Lynn and Billy Graham.

JOCKO – Stacey David:   Yep, Stacey ended up as Jocko, the classic 50’s jock and hotrodder.  That’s him singing lead on Frosty the Snowman…and they always had a ton of fun on this song, because Stacey never did it the same way twice and took great joy in making Rocko and Eugene laugh and lose their place in the song!

EUGENE – Robbie Cheuvront:    Eugene was patterned after the classic 50’s nerd, and perfect fodder for Rocko and Jocko to pick at, and Robbie played it well.   In true Hollywood fashion, he comes out of his shell on the Elvis song “It’s Christmastime Pretty Baby” and shows the other guys he’s got what it takes.  Robbie went on to play bass and sing backups for the group Lonestar and is now a pastor in California.

We hope you enjoy this blast from the past for the holiday season!    Merry Christmas!