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Established in 1966, Woodward Fab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sheet metal fabrication equipment. We have one of the largest inventories of tools that you can find online. We can provide everything from bead rollers, auto body tools, and slip rolls, to rotary formers, English wheels, and sheet metal shearing equipment. Our patented in-house tools are known for their simple designs, easy-to-use operations, and durability. We also supply tools from other well-known brands who have partnered with us. Some of these include Pro-Tools, Roper Whitney, Tennsmith, and Dagger Tools. Many products are sought after by well-known automotive fabrication and restoration shops. Our products are also used in different TV and online shows. These include Gearz, Trucks!, and Two Guys Garage. We are always open to answering any questions that clients may have about our products, or about sheet metal fabrication in general. At Woodward Fab, we provide professional tools that create professional results.

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