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We got started in the early 1980s solving metal corrosion and thermal management problems for the military. Jet-Hot first earned its wings on jet-fighter engines and submarine parts subjected to high temperatures, cyclical stress loads and corrosive environments. We supplied proprietary coatings used to protect parts on aircraft carrier launch systems for the U.S. Navy and armored vehicles for the U.S. Army.

Gaining momentum from grassroots brand support in the 1990s, Jet-Hot became the only coating company to support racers on the track. Fifteen-time Funny Car Champion John Force recognized the safety Jet-Hot provides by reducing header-surface temperatures. His crew chiefs became big Jet-Hot advocates when they discovered our coatings allowed for quicker cool-down, enabling faster work on John’s car.

This led to our work in the automotive aftermarket. We created custom colors and coatings to meet every enthusiast’s desire. Aside from automotive, Jet-Hot has also made significant strides in other aftermarket applications. The Jet-Hot brand has gained a wide following among motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and boat enthusiasts.

Today, engineers working through heat management, friction, and corrosion issues often start a conversation with Jet-Hot because they’ve tried just about everything else. And what they find is a team of professional problem solvers who sit on their side of the table and look at the challenge from a fresh perspective.

Our chemists and engineers understand the science of coatings, and our manufacturing experts understand the challenges of production, turnaround and cost control. This potent combination has earned Jet-Hot a sterling reputation across multiple commercial markets. You’ll find our coatings at work in a wide range of industries, including defense, automotive, marine, shipping and logistics, firearms, consumer products and more.

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