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The primary function of the HILBORN fuel injector is to increase horsepower, and from the racer’s viewpoint, this is still its’ greatest asset.

The horsepower gains are fundamentally due to two reasons: Increased volumetric efficiency because of the elimination of the boosters which inherently restrict the flow of air in carburetors, and absolutely equal distribution of fuel flow and air flow to the cylinders.

In the early 1960’s we developed a new HILBORN fuel injection system for turbocharged engines. This system proved so successful that we were able to introduce turbocharged engines to the Indianapolis 500 race. In a very short time, every car in the race was turbocharged and HILBORN injected.

For the last 50 years, the HILBORN Fuel Injector has dominated in racing circles….. from sprint cars to motorcycle racing, to 34 wins at the Indianapolis 500.

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