Wheel Hub Photoshoot

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Rob From Wheel Hub Magazine came by to shoot some photos. Wheel Hub is an incredible magazine. The writing and photography is going to take this magazine to the top.

Boattail Riviera’s

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With boattail Rivs being a bit rare, you’ve gotta hang out with other boattail owners when you can, especially when they buy the car that you’ve been watching! Good times talking Riv shop with Damon. Catch the full segment this week on GearZ on Velocity Channel.

Classic Auto Show 2018

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Just a few of the nearly 1000 cars in the building at the Classic Auto Show 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Was so good to see everybody and have the V-8 Interceptor out on the floor. More info here  

Safety Inspection

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As with any previously owned vehicle, inspecting for operational safety is a must. Here’s a good one we found. Vehicle runs, but for how long?