Original vs. Replica (Season 17 Episode 4)

April 17, 2023

In the fast-paced world of auto auctions, sellers are trying get top dollar and buyers are looking for a good deal. With clones and replicas everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to know what you are really looking at. So, how do you tell an original from a clone, and avoid buying a replica by mistake? Well, Stacey shows you how…literally… by rolling in the real Copperhead truck, and a replica that sold at a recent auction, and walks through how to find the differences in clones, replicas, and tribute vehicles. After that, we’ll introduce you to a young lady and her all-girl crew who are making waves in the carburetor rebuilding world. Finally, we head out to Pomona for the 2023 Grand National Roadster Show and check out some of the finest vehicles in the world as they compete for the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster trophy and the Al Slonaker Award. So, buckle up! There’s a lot to see this week on Gearz!!!

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Partners shown in this episode are EdelbrockGeneral Motors, American Racing, Colorado Customs, Auto Meter, Woodward Fab, Cornwell Tools, and Holley.

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