Season 14 Teaser. New Season Airs February 28th

February 26, 2020
  • Season 14 is on its way. Heres a fiery teaser!
  • Airs February 28 on Amazon Prime and Gearznation on our website
  • March 6 on Mavtv and Mavtv Canada
  • April 4 on Motortrend
  • We also have a new Restoration Series available now on Amazon Prime!
Season 14 Teaser.

Recent News

  • There is no better way to wrap up this season of Gearz than to put a wrap on our Search and Rescue Gladiator build. Over 13 episodes, 13 modifications were made to thi

  • The Cheetah is back from paint! It’s not an illusion… you don’t need to adjust your television set the fastest cat on the planet is back!

  • It’s no coincidence that when you look at a vehicle you see a face.

  • Square Body trucks are just about the hottest thing on the restoration market these days and our Stunt Double is no exception!

  • We’re seeing double in the Gearz Garage! Stunt Double, that is. This amazing square body is coming together!

  • You never know who you’re going to run in to while they are in the middle of a restoration project.