The New/Old Van Craze - Gearz Season 16 Episode 8

July 12, 2022

There was a time when vans ruled the custom scene! They had slick paint jobs (sometimes with wizards), crazy interiors, and even crazier engines. Then, like the lightning from a wizard’s wand, they disappeared, and the world of vans returned to boring service vehicles. Well, like it or not -- Vans are back! That’s right! Vans are emerging as the new custom vehicles on the car show scene! But where do you find cool parts to turn that dumpy old phone service or laundry van into a sweet street machine? Hang on to your sliding doors, cause Stacey has a few tricks up his sleeve to take some common parts and use them to breathe some new life into the faded glory of van culture. The Great Van Redo starts now on Gearz!



LMC Truck

Steele Rubber

Hot Shot's Secret

Cornwell Tools


Woodward Fab


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