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  1. What is the better car the 07 + – year pont. 5.3 grand prix. And. Or same. Aprox year. 5.3 L s 4 montie Carlo. Or advise better car preferably. 5 -6 speed trany. Manual to look for in. Price range. Thank you .kent

  2. Stacey , I saw the Camaro episode changing the front end to a earlier model getting rid of the rubber nose . Can you do s fire bird the same way , I have a 79.

  3. Hey Stacey – when you gonna finish the back end of that Camaro? I can’t wait to see how you get rid of that rubber mess back there. I have 11 of these Camaro’s and am building them with split bumper fronts as you did 🙂 BUT – gotta see how you do that rear? Thanks!

  4. Project idea – how would you build a resto-mod truck for daily driving in the rust belt?

    I’m putting a 1954 F100 on a Ford Ranger 4×4 with a Ford 302 engine swap. I chose Bronco II axles with 355 gears and a C4 transmission.

    How would you paint and protect the paint? Brake lines have to be stainless. Lots on insulation needed. How do you paint the exterior for durability first and beauty second? We’re dealing with minus 0F in the winter and 100F in the summer – so what choices do you have for HVAC?

    Lastly, how do you make the running gear bullet proof. Probably want a throttle body FI instead of a carburetor. What custom wiring choices are there.

    I don’t know that this has ever specifically been addressed. Certainly, a lot of the off-road projects are applicable, but daily driving a cool truck in Western PA through the road salt in winter is a tough challenge!

  5. Was wondering if you had plans to do a 4.7 to 5.7 swap in ram a lot of people like me have been looking around and not much out there on it

  6. Hi Stacey, I’m trying to submit a what were working on project my friend has had for 30 years. We’ve been working on it the last 2 years and are in the last stages of finishing it. It’s a 1946 dodge pick up he nick named it scraps because we built it from parts we could salvage here and there.

  7. I have had my 68 BB Ranchero since 1981. High school ride. Since then it has been through two major motor rebuilds. 390 2bbl refitted w/428 crank,4 bbl, headers… 2nd time: Jean Beateux build same #ers matching block. Cross bolted, forged sroker assembly, Edelbrock RPM power package(carb, high rise, cam,& worked heads), ALL MSD ignition… and other goodies. My problem now is stopping. Years ago I swapped out to Granada discs and it was better. STILL ALIVE! But now with the extra 150++hp I need to “Get’er Stopped”. I know larger tires/rims to fit major discs will be first. I already did bear discs up front with 14″ rims and waisted major $ and efforts. Now I need someone to show me HOW TO STOP THIS FORD! Remote booster, rear discs, largest front discs, proportioning valve, brake lines… not sure what,which & where to buy? Help Me!

  8. what can be done to a 2500 GMC gas v8 6.0 I use it to tow a travel trailer that is 13,000 pound I watch the show. and how makes the motor for the ford diesel.I had one and had trouble with it.In the shop 7 time for the same thing. how make the the better diesel truck. thank you

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