Plan before you weld

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The last step before we start to shape and weld. Plan it out, Put it in place, and really look at it. If something looks a little out of whack, it probably is. Get it right before the welder comes out.

SR-71 Build Inspiration

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Our SR-71 Rapid Tool Express demands some custom metalwork on the body so that we can incorporate themes from the legendary airplane and blend it in with the “existing DNA” of our panel van. Stacey talks about his approach to this build and where he gets his inspiration for this build.

Kick in the Pants!

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Ret. Lt. Col. Ed Yeilding gives us a little insight on the fastest plane on the planet. Follow Shiftin’ GearZ:

New Deluxe Project Planning Book

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Keep your investments safe. Insurance companies need reciepts to help them appraise your car. If an accident should happen, or a garage fire (we hope it never does) having a history of the work you’ve done on your car or truck goes a long way in recovering what your vehicle is worth.