Stacey David’s GearZ® rolls into season 9 with sparks flying, engine roaring, and tires squealing. The renowned car-builder brings his rock-n-roll flair and designer know-how into the garage for a season packed with projects and legends that will leave your gear head spinning.

First, NAPA calls on Stacey to take an average pick up truck and transform it into the Perfect Additions work truck using off the shelf parts and accessories.

After that, Stacey explores two legendary racecars that are now available for YOU to build! First, the one and only Cheetah, originally designed by Bill Thomas to stomp Shelby’s Cobra, this car became the stuff of legends… and it’s back and street legal, from Cheetah Evolution! Watch Stacey dive into this build headfirst. We’re talking ROAR factor here.

From one legend to another, Stacey takes on another big cat in the racing world… the three-time LeMans winning Jaguar D-type. The lines on this beauty took the world’s breath away in 1955, and this new replica from RCR does exactly the same thing as we roll one into the GearZ garage, ready to be put together! You can bet your last dollar that Stacey is going to treat both of these legends right. From horsepower down to the smallest rivet, you don’t want to miss these builds.

And that’s just the beginning… You also have a visit from a pin-striping legend, and the worlds tallest teenager, as well as projects involving low-budget daily drivers, and the dangers of buying a car at auction. There’s even an update on the Sgt. Rock project as it continues to march closer and closer to completion, as well as tons of tech tips and useful how-to you can use on YOUR project.

So, hold on tight. This is going to be one heck of a ride. Season 9 is chocked full of garage madness at its finest!

Season 9 DVD

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NAPA Perfect Additions Truck
March 20, 2015
Stacey Preps the bed of the NAPA Perfect additions truck. From rolling out Herculiner to installing transfer tank, truck boxes, and even a combination generator/compressor, this big Ford begins its Perfect Additions transformation.
Stacey also throws in a wiring tech that will keep you from getting your wires crossed.

NAPA Perfect Additions Truck Part 2
March 27, 2015
This episode of GearZ, Stacey tackles power gains at the air intake, modifies the computer and replaces the stock exhaust before addressing a 2” front-end suspension lift kit. He moves on to give the truck some extra height and support in the rear of the truck where payload weight can be a serious issue. After the suspension is in place, new wheels and tires bring the truck back down to the ground. Stacey also covers several tools that will help you get that old exhaust out from under your vehicle.

Junkyard Jag
April 3, 2015
Stacey leads the crew on a hunt for a junkyard Jaguar with a rare engine. Pin-striping legend Von Hot Rod comes to the GearZ studio and lays down some lines on a hot rod guitar. Need to repair or replace the door on your pick up? Stacey’s got a handle on that. A bed lifter system turns a four-man operation into a one-man show. And Stacey’s got a steering column that will keep Falcon owners between the lines. All this and more!

NAPA Perfect Additions Truck Part 3
April 10, 2015
Stacey addresses tow and recovery needs for the Prefect Additions Truck. New side-boards and steps are installed. Our good friends from Ape Wraps meet the crew in Indianapolis to “wrap up” the NAPA Perfect Additions Truck. A quick tip will help keep you from drawing blood while wiring your car. And Stacey gives us the explosive history of E3 spark plugs.

Evolution of the World’s Fastest Cat
April 17, 2015
Stacey tells the story of the legendary Cheetah and how that car was designed to beat Shelby’s famed Cobra. The GEARZ hunt for this iconic race car features the original ’63 Cheetah that Budd Clusserath drove 215 mph at Daytona in ‘64. But the story doesn’t end there, because Stacey gets his hands on a Cheetah Evolution and shows you how to build your own version of this tire shredding cat! After that, you’ll see Steering wheel options from Grant, a serpentine belt system from LMC Truck, and Wizard products to make your vehicle come alive, as well as a quick tip to get things rolling in your shop. All this and more on today’s GearZ.

Puttin the Heart in the Cat
APRIL 24, 2015
Moving deeper into the build of the Cheetah Evolution, Stacey and the crew pull the skin off this cat and start putting in the guts. Overviews of suspension, steering, and brakes get this project up and running. Moving into the heart of this beast, Stacey shows us that good things do come in small packages—the LSX 454 small block is sure to get your pulse rate up. And once the transmission is mounted, look out! Headers follow, and this cat is almost ready to run. Stacey’s tool tech will give you a lift.…all this and more, today, on GearZ.

Cheetah Paws
May 1, 2015
The GearZ crew head out on the prowl to visit a budding young mechanic with a passion for 4X4’s. Back in the garage, Stacey gets in tight with the Cheetah, installing seats and the dash. Selecting Gauges and placement are discussed, an AC unit will help keep this cat cool, taillights are fitted, and the side pipes will give this Cheetah some growl! Stacey’s tool tech will keep your project on time and on budget. And Fast Orange cleans more than your hands. All this, today, on GearZ.

The Beaten & Downtrodden
June 5, 2015
In the current fad of “flipping” cars for cash, Stacey takes on the good, bad, and ugly of a ’66 Biscayne that was bought at auction. Nice looking paint can’t hide the safety issues that are found once this car is put on the lift. From suspension, to brakes, to battery cables…and even down to the lug nuts, this auction beauty turns out to be more of a beast. Safety and sport-style handling are only a few repairs away this week on GearZ.

An Automotive Icon Turns 40
JUNE 12, 2015
Stacey and the crew head north to celebrate 40 years of Heartthrob Exhaust and see just how far this company has come since its modest beginnings in a garage. After that we dig into a cracked dash and show how easy it is to replace one yourself with some aftermarket parts from LMC Truck, and then we look at a painless solution will help clean up years of spliced wires and old electrical tape that might be lurking under your hood. It’s simple gearhead stuff that everybody needs to know and it’s only on GearZ.

Cheetah gets her Growl
JUNE 19, 2015
Stacey digs back into the Cheetah project by finishing up the stance with custom wheels and tires, and then goes through the in’s and out’s of putting a classic Hilborn fuel injection on a modern LS engine….and the dyno numbers show that the engine likes it as much as you will! After that Stacey sits down with a budding car designer that is making a big impact everywhere he goes and there’s also a tip on the importance of seals and gaskets. It’s all about getting out and turning wrenches, and you’re only gonna find it on GEARZ!

Curves on Wheels
JULY 17, 2015
Stacey explores the history of the legendary Jaguar D-type racecar and introduces a D-type Jag From Race Car Replicas that is sure to become a legend of its own. From race wheels to classic spoke wheels with true knock-offs, Stacey looks at options for getting the best look and most rubber on the road with this Jag. A tip might keep you from losing your mind when dealing with lug nuts that don’t want to budge and we talk shop about performance parts for your own cars. So come hang out while we take on a legendary cat of a different color this week on GearZ!

New Bed on an Old Ford
JULY 24, 2015
Stacey and the crew hit the ground running with a late model replacement bed from LMC that’s sure to revive and old Ford farm truck and get it out of the pastures and back on the highway. Then it’s off to show budding Jeep enthusiasts a couple of entry level options they can use when it comes to modifying their vehicle. We get a visit from a couple who learn how to install new seat upholstery. Stacey’s found something cool for all you second generation Camaro owners. And we’re just getting started! So get ready to turn some wrenches on GearZ.

Checking in with Sgt Rock
JULY 31, 2015
Today on GEARZ the GearZ crew and Cornwell Tools team up to help a new shop in Arkansas get some much needed tools to help them take they’re shop the next level. Then Stacey puts together the final pieces of the Sgt. Rock project by making a trip to France and the beaches of Normandy. The it’s back to the shop to show you how easy it is to put fuel injection on your muscle car. It’s all here…..and only on GEARZ!