Street Sweeper Part 2/E3 Testing at Bristol

Season 8 Episode 12

The Street Sweeper is back! And today Stacey dives into just how many parts it takes to completely change the drive train and suspension on a classic muscle car. Accessories, transmission, overdrive, headers, the list may seem to go on forever, but is about finding the right parts in the aftermarket , to build the car that YOU want. After that it’s off to the races to see if E3’s new top fuel spark plug can handle the pressure of competition. If you want to see the ins and outs of building a car, GEARZ is the show to see!

ATI Products

727 Torque Flite Transmission, Torque Convertor & Damper for Hemi Engine

Gear Vendors

Under/Overdrive System (Converting a 3spd to a 6spd)

Tube Technologies

Heavy Duty Long Tube Headers for Hemi

March Performance

Revolver System/Motor Plate & Accessories

Mickey Thompson Tires

Ultra Street Tire Series

Team III Wheels

LT Wheel Series


Electronic Ignition Box & Coil


Transformer Front Suspension, Engine Mounting Motor Plate

Griffin Radiator

Polished aluminum radiator with dual fans

Ray Barton Engines

Hemi Engine & Accessories

Wilwood Brakes

Front Brakes: Hub, rotors, 6 piston calipers

E3 Spark Plugs

Testing at Bristol Dray Way


American Powertrain

5 & 6 spd Transmission Kits for '67-'72 C-10 Chevy Trucks


2011-2014 Ford Superduty Cold Air Intake Kit