Building a Shop
MARCH 7, 2014
We dig into the ultimate how-to project…building a shop! It’s an incredible transformation as Stacey and Crew take a huge open warehouse and build it into the new GEARZ shop. Along the way you’ll pick up all kinds of tips and tricks that Stacey uses when he’s setting up a useable work space, no matter how large. With today’s economy, there are more and more people thinking about opening a shop, or converting their existing garage space into a more useable area. This show can help you do that. After that, Stacey shows how to stop rust dead in its tracks by using the simplest tool in the box…a paint brush! It’s all here on GEARZ!

GearZ Express
MARCH 14, 2014
Stacey makes a house call…to Pennsylvania!!! Why?… too pick up an old fire truck to use as a project truck to make even more house calls with! If this sounds confusing, then you NEED to see this show, because Stacey shows you how to take a vehicle that nobody really has a use for anymore, and convert it into something you can use for your home or business. Sound deadening, tool boxes, and an on-board air system are all things that you’ll see go on as the big green fire truck, begins the conversion into a rolling tool truck.

The 100th Episode Part 1
MARCH 21, 2014
It’s anniversary time…as this marks the 100th episode of GEARZ! To recognize that, we have put together a one-hour special of the history and making of GEARZ, and it’s going to come at you in two episodes! Today, Stacey takes a look back at how the show came about, and some of the unique how-to segments that have happened over the years. Then He digs into some of the incredible project vehicles that have been on the show, and looks at the ideas and reasoning that helped shape these trend-setting vehicles. If you are new to GEARZ, or always wondered how the show was put together, this episode will shed some light on that.

The 100th Episode Part 2
MARCH 28, 2014
Part two of the 100th Episode special starts with a bang and a lot of tire smoke, as Stacey looks back at some of the wild test drives and feature vehicles that have been on GEARZ over the years. After that, they go behind the scenes and show you some of the funny and potentially dangerous situations that can happen when you work on a show like GEARZ. Finally we showcase some of the incredible guests that have been on the show, to give you an idea of what to expect in the future. It’s all here, and only on GEARZ

Wrapping the Beast
APRIL 4, 2014
Stacey rolls in the big green fire truck, with every intention of changing the color and look. But he’s not using paint…he’s using a vinyl wrap! If you’ve ever wondered what the deal is with vinyl wraps and if it is a good thing to do to your project, you need to see this show! But that’s not all. As the wrap is going on, Stacey also takes the time to show how to restore and bring back to life your accessories and trim without spending a lot of money.

Bard Find: The Richard Petty Story
APRIL 11, 2014
If you’ve been around cars very much, you’ve heard the term “barn find”. It’s a term that depicts that “diamond in the rough” vehicle that everybody wants to find. Well, today on GEARZ, Stacey delves into the barn find phenomenon, and unveils what could be the ultimate barn find…the lost Richard Petty Car! Follow the incredible story of the car that Richard and Maurice Petty built in their early days, that was then sold and disappeared for decades…only to be found by Stacey and returned to Richard Petty so it could take its rightful place in the Petty Museum. It’s a fact that very few car stories have a happy ending. This is one that does and also has the pedigree of being one of the “King’s” first chariots. Its gearhead archeology at its best, and you’ll only see it on GEARZ!

GearZ on the Road
APRIL 18, 2014
Stacey hits the road to visit one of the members of GEARZ Nation to see if he can lend a hand on his project. The owner is a 16 year old kid and the subject is his daily driver, ’96 Dodge pickup that’s looking a little rough from years of use and abuse. But that quickly changes as Stacey jumps in and helps give the truck a new face, and at the same time offers plenty of tips and tricks to help breathe a vital breath of fresh air into a project that had become stagnate. If you don’t think a project vehicle is for you, your mind will change once you see what a difference some time, expertise, and a few parts can make to a beat up old truck!
After that, Stacey takes a look at the amazing Moduline Cabinets, and digs into what makes them so great.

LMC Bronco Project/Casey James
JULY 4, 2014
Stacey shows you how to tackle the one restoration project that everybody dreams of doing one day…the frame off restoration! You’ll be surprised how simple a job like this can be if you follow his simple tips and tricks and plan the project out properly. In the world of high dollar builds, a simple frame off restoration can get you back on the road enjoying your car or truck and at a fraction of the price. But to get a grasp on how to do it, you have to see this show. After that, Stacey swaps some licks with recording artist Casey James who just happens to be a gear head at heart…all here…all Gearz!

Sgt Rock Bumper Fabrication & Tailgate Art
JULY 11, 2014
So you think you want some custom bumpers for your big ol’ truck? Well today, Stacey shows you how to not only find what you’re looking for in the aftermarket, but also how to fabricate and build your own custom mounts to make ‘em sit exactly where you want them. After that he digs into the history of the Sgt. Rock truck and how it is permanently connected to “the greatest generation”. But this truck isn’t just about WWII, as a special tailgate airbrushed by Mickey Harris reveals, it’s about all the men and women that have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. This is one show that will have you waving the flag when you see it!

On the Road Again
JULY 18, 2014
Stacey hits the road to help out a Gearz Nation member with his
56 Corvette project. Since the guy really wants to drive the car, putting in a modern 5 or 6 spd tranny would be really nice. But which one? Well, we not only answer that question, but also give the guy a little helping hand with the transmission too. If you’ve ever wished Stacey made house calls, this is the show to see. After that we take a look at some serious questions that people ask about becoming a tool dealer and if it’s really worth it. You wanted to know…we got the answers for you!

The Street Sweeper
JULY 25, 2014
Stacey dives into the world of the sleeper, by taking a non-descript ’73 Plymouth Satellite, and begins transforming it into a street pounding monster under the skin. Gone is the lethargic 318 engine and front suspension, and in its place Stacey begins fitting a new state of the art performance suspension. If you are into surprising people at stop lights and run-what-you-brung race nights, then a “Street Sweeper” just might be the sort of approach you want to take on with your next project.

The Street Sweeper Part 2/E3 Testing at Bristol
August 1, 2014
The Street Sweeper is back! And today Stacey dives into just how many parts it takes to completely change the drive train and suspension on a classic muscle car. Accessories, transmission, overdrive, headers, the list may seem to go on forever, but is about finding the right parts in the aftermarket , to build the car that YOU want. After that it’s off to the races to see if E3’s new top fuel spark plug can handle the pressure of competition. If you want to see the ins and outs of building a car, GEARZ is the show to see!

Katzkin/Street Sweeper Part 3
AUGUST 8, 2014
If you could only do one upgrade on your vehicle, that would make the biggest impact on the looks and drivability, what would it be? Well today on GEARZ, Stacey answers that question by installing a Katzkin leather interior into a Jeep Compass, and showing that If you’ve got an open weekend and a few hundred bucks, you can do the same thing on your car or truck. After that, He jumps back on to the Street Sweeper project to lay out the interior and the rearend, and finally drop that huge Hemi into place. If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to build a sleeper car, This is one ’73 Plymouth Satellite that shows how it can be done!