V8 Interceptor Returns

Season 7 Episode 8

The V8 Interceptor is BACK and wearing a striking coat of glossy black paint! How did it happen? Well, Stacey walks you through the process and shows off the incredible paint and body work that was done by the Hot Rod Institute. From the subtle body nips and tucks, to the major fabrication of a new roof, this classic Cougar now has a straighter body than anything that may have rolled off the assembly line in 1967! But the paint is only half the story, as Stacey starts to re-assemble the car with bumpers, lights and engine, you start to get a good look at what is rapidly becoming the ultimate street predator!

TCI Automotive

Front suspension & high performance torque arm

Currie Enterprises

Heavy duty 9" rear axle

Kaase Racing Engines

520 CI Boss Nine Engine, Custom door handles

Hot Rod Institute

Custom paint & body work

Nitro Alley

Stripper/sandblaster of old paint on '67 Cougar

Kaucher Kustoms

Reender Drawing of Interceptor, Rear wing of a '69 Trans Am


Gas cap & California special hood pins


Dark glossy black paint

West Coast Classic Cougar

Taillight assemblies, Electric conversion kit for headlight assembly, Hidden front headlight assemblies, front valance panel & turn signals

Advanced Plating

Chrome plating valve covers & intake of engine bumpers & other parts


'69 Trans Am rear wing

Doug's Headers

Electric cut-outs for side pipes


Header studs for Boss Nine Engine


Oil pan for the Boss Nine Engine


Flexible dipstick for the Boss Nine Engine


High heat ceramic coating for headers

Eddie Motorsports

Billet aluminum hinges & fender bolts

American Powertrain

Magnum 6-spd Transmission