LMC Shortbed Conversion

Season 7 Episode 3

Everybody wants a classic short bed pickup. Unfortunately short beds are hard to find for a good price… but, long beds are a dime-a-dozen, and cheap! The solution?…chop a long bed down! That is exactly what Stacey does on this episode of GEARZ. He takes a classic 67 Chevy long bed, and walks you through the way to cut the frame properly, so you have a safe and reliable truck when you are done. If you’ve heard about this kind of modification, but always thought it was too difficult or involved for you to do, you need to watch this episode of GEARZ and let the cutting begin!

LMC Truck

'67 Chevy Long Bed/Parts for Short Bed Kit



Welders & Supplies

Edwards Mfg

40 Ton Press to cut & modigy box plates