Building a Hotrod Tow Truck

Season 7 Episode 2

Project Heavy Metal is back as Stacey rolls the old International cab over truck into the shop so he can outfit it with a vintage Holmes dual wrecker bed. It is auto recycling at its best as the big truck continues to come together using parts from a junkyard wrecker, swap meet vintage beer kegs, and even some new aftermarket parts. If you’ve always thought that you had to spend big money to build a unique vehicle, this “Heavy Metal” truck will not only change your mind, but probably have you digging through old junkyards and checking out pastures in hopes of finding a vintage truck project of your own! That’s a typical reaction…and that’s typical for GEARZ!

Corona's Auto Parts

Holmes 500 Wrecker Bed


Duramax Diesel Engine


Custom Air Suspension

Edwards Mfg

Ironworker 50 Ton Press


Schlitz Beer Kegs & Beer Tap

Rick's Tanks

Customized Keg Gas Tanks

Classic Instruments

Custom American Tradition Gauges

In the Ditch

Aluminum Brackets & Mounts