Supercars, Hotrods & Go-Karts

Season 7 Episode 13

Stacey rolls the SL-C back into the shop to show off the wild twin turbo system that Schwartz Performance put together for it. If you thought that 1000hp out of an LS-7 was impossible, THINK AGAIN! Even wilder is the fact that this engine is pulling those kind of horsepower numbers on pump gas, and it’s docile enough to drive on the street…until you hit the throttle! If supercars and twin turbos are your thing, you have to see this! After that, Stacey goes through some of the problem areas that you will face when you are building a vehicle and how to pick the right project. Finally He digs into the 1st motorized vehicle that most of us had…the Go-Kart. Rich or poor, young or old, there is something for everybody in this show, and that’s why they call it GEARZ!!!

Superlite Cars

The SL-C Project

Schwartz Performance

Twin turbos for the SL-C


Waste gates for the twin turbos

Stainless Works

Exhaust system for the SL-C project


Sound deadening and heat resistant material

Earl's Plumbing

Brake Lines

Pure Choice Motorsports

Brakes lines & accessories


Quick disconnect AN fittings for brakes

Phoenix Systems

Brake bleeder kits

Carrera Coachwerks

Ferrari GTO fiberglass body kit for Z-Car


Ford V8 Conversion kit for Z-Car

Bad Dog Parts

Frame rail supports for Z-Car

E3 Spark Plugs

Plugs for go-karts at Nascar Speed Park


Nascar Speedpark

E3 Specialty Segment


Rockets & R/C Helicopters

Ace High Signs

Vinyl Wrap of the GearZ Fire Engine