Ray Barton Engines/V8 Interceptor Interior

Season 7 Episode 10

When you say “HEMI”, you get people’s attention! But when you say “Ray Barton HEMI” you win races. Why is that? Well, today on GEARZ, Stacey and crew take you right down the throat of Ray Barton Racing Engines to show you the amazing engines and parts they build, and why they go so fast. After that, Stacey digs into the interior of the V8 Interceptor and shows what kind of options you have when you are restoring or customizing the interior of your project. If you like to push the envelope, you’ll love the custom PRS guitar and matching wood dash and steering wheel that He fits in the Car! There is no doubt that this Cougar is the perfect blend of brutal power, and sophisticated elegance. Woe to anybody who crosses it!!!

Ray Barton Racing Engines

528 Hemi Engine, intakes, cross-ram

Hot Rod Institute

Paint & bodywork

Magnet Paints

Chassis Saver Paint (inside doors)

West Coast Classic Cougar

Carpet, various cougar pieces

TMI Products

Seat cushions, upholstery, headliner, center console & door panels

Clayton Machine Works

Billet door handles


Bolt-in Power window kit ('67-'68 Mustang)

McClanahan Custom Wood Works

Custom dash & PRS Guitar, Wood steering wheel

PRS Guitars

Electronics & Pickups (Interceptor Guitar)

Lecarra Steering Wheels

V8 Interceptor Steering Wheel

Spiderweb Modular Storage Cabinets

Adjustable aluminum shelving

Chem-Free Corp

Benchtop Pro Portable Parts Washer