Drag ‘N Wagon/Settin’ up Shop
MARCH 5, 2013
Stacey puts a programmer on the Drag ‘N’ Wagon to finally bring the stripped down Ram Hot Rod truck to life. If you’ve been wondering what kind of performance potential these new Ram Express trucks have, wait until you see one lit up with a supercharger! Talk about breathing fire!
After that Stacey lays out how to set up a shop with custom flooring, custom cabinets, and of course a lot of tools and toolboxes. If you’ve ever wondered about the best way to lay out a shop, and utilize your space, this is the show to see…….and GEARZ is the show to watch!

Building a Hotrod Tow Truck
MARCH 12, 2013
Project Heavy Metal is back as Stacey rolls the old International cab over truck into the shop so he can outfit it with a vintage Holmes dual wrecker bed. It is auto recycling at its best as the big truck continues to come together using parts from a junkyard wrecker, swap meet vintage beer kegs, and even some new aftermarket parts. If you’ve always thought that you had to spend big money to build a unique vehicle, this “Heavy Metal” truck will not only change your mind, but probably have you digging through old junkyards and checking out pastures in hopes of finding a vintage truck project of your own! That’s a typical reaction…and that’s typical for GEARZ!

LMC Shortbed Conversion
MARCH 19, 2013
Everybody wants a classic short bed pickup. Unfortunately short beds are hard to find for a good price… but, long beds are a dime-a-dozen, and cheap! The solution?…chop a long bed down! That is exactly what Stacey does on this episode of GEARZ. He takes a classic 67 Chevy long bed, and walks you through the way to cut the frame properly, so you have a safe and reliable truck when you are done. If you’ve heard about this kind of modification, but always thought it was too difficult or involved for you to do, you need to watch this episode of GEARZ and let the cutting begin!

Ropin’ the Moonbuggy
MARCH 26, 2013
Quick…answer this question…who put men on the moon? If you answered “gear heads” then you are right…but of course we call them engineers and rocket scientists now. However, that doesn’t change the fact that a bunch of hot rodders figured out how to get America into space, and today on GEARZ, Stacey takes a look at the amazing roots of the Space Program, and the incredible invention of the moon buggy. Then it’s out to the NASA testing grounds to see the annual Moon buggy race. Young engineers compete with schools from all around the world. If you think you’ve seen some weird projects, wait until you see what some of these young minds have dreamed up. You may think you’re on another planet… but you’re not…you’re just watching GEARZ!

LMC Shortbed Conversion Part 2
APRIL 2, 2013
Stacey picks up right where he left-off a few weeks ago, and proceeds to install a brand new short bed, on the chassis of a truck that was born a LONG BED. That’s right with the cutting done the next step is to assemble a new short bed using all new, aftermarket parts. You hear people say, “If it was that easy, everybody would be doing it.” Well, it is that easy, and a lot of people are doing it…and YOU need to be one of them! Now… chop to it!

P38 Warbird/Kaase Engine/James Burton
APRIL 9, 2013
It was one of the most lethal airplanes of WWII…the P-38 Lightning. Today on GEARZ, Stacey takes a look at what made it so unique and why the German army nicknamed it the “Forked tailed devil”. But, the legend didn’t end in the 1940’s…it continues on as Stacey showcases the new P-38 engine parts from Jon Kaase that you can put on your small block Ford to make it run like greased lightning!
After that, Stacey sits down with Rock and Roll legend and certified car nut, James Burton, to dig into the unique connection between cars, guitars, and Rock and roll. Turn it on…crank it up…and hold on!

Lawn & Garden/American Powertrain/Heartthrob Exhaust
APRIL 16, 2013
Everybody knows that some of the most neglected tools around the house are lawn and garden tools. Mowers, weed-eaters, chain saws, etc., all usually get thrown in a garage in the fall, never to be touched again until spring. Then, they generally get tossed on a swap meet pile because they don’t run anymore. Well, today on GEARZ, Stacey walks through the simple steps on how to care for those tools, so they give you years of trouble free service. After that, He goes through the many parts you will need to put a manual transmission into a project, with Transmission Tech. Finally, If you’re looking for a quick, simple project to do over the weekend, how about a muffler swap? You say “no”? Stacey says “yes”, and shows you how it can be done in a couple hours. If you are a handy man, that likes to work on your own stuff, this is the show for you!

V8 Interceptor Returns
JUNE 11, 2013
The V8 Interceptor is BACK and wearing a striking coat of glossy black paint! How did it happen? Well, Stacey walks you through the process and shows off the incredible paint and body work that was done by the Hot Rod Institute. From the subtle body nips and tucks, to the major fabrication of a new roof, this classic Cougar now has a straighter body than anything that may have rolled off the assembly line in 1967! But the paint is only half the story, as Stacey starts to re-assemble the car with bumpers, lights and engine, you start to get a good look at what is rapidly becoming the ultimate street predator!

Heavy Metal Tow Truck/Edwards Mfg
JUNE 18, 2013
What is cooler than a vintage tow truck? …Nothing! … and Stacey proves that point by rolling Heavy Metal back into the GEARZ shop to outfit it with new electric winches, and an amazing custom tool box and light bar. This ’69 International cabover truck may have been rescued from a junkyard, but it won’t be long before this truck starts pulling off rescues of its own! This is recycling at its best! Then ride along with Stacey and crew as they travel to Minnesota and get the story on Edwards Manufacturing and how they have managed to stay in business for over a hundred years building simple tools. It’s all good, and it’s all GEARZ!!

Ray Barton Engines/V8 Interceptor Interior
JUNE 25, 2013
When you say “HEMI”, you get people’s attention! But when you say “Ray Barton HEMI” you win races. Why is that? Well, today on GEARZ, Stacey and crew take you right down the throat of Ray Barton Racing Engines to show you the amazing engines and parts they build, and why they go so fast. After that, Stacey digs into the interior of the V8 Interceptor and shows what kind of options you have when you are restoring or customizing the interior of your project. If you like to push the envelope, you’ll love the custom PRS guitar and matching wood dash and steering wheel that He fits in the Car! There is no doubt that this Cougar is the perfect blend of brutal power, and sophisticated elegance. Woe to anybody who crosses it!!!

Sgt Rock/Heavy Metal
JULY 2, 2013
Stacey rolls in SGT. ROCK to take care of things like steering, brakes, and the exhaust system. With a quick trip to Stainless Works for a custom set of headers and exhaust system, and with the layout of the four-wheel hydraulic steering, It won’t be long before this big military beast will be rolling under its own power. After that, He takes on some seating issues in the Heavy Metal tow truck. Just because a project may have come out of a junkyard, doesn’t mean it has to continue to look like junk. Stacey proves that by adding a custom bomber-style seat to this already VERY unique vehicle… If you’re looking for creative solutions to common restoration issues, this episode of GEARZ is the one to see!

Moby Duck Truck
JULY 9, 2013
Stacey sets out to build a nice hunting rig out of a 2012 GMC 4×4 truck. But it isn’t just any hunting rig or truck, because it belongs to John Godwin of Duck Commander. Which means the truck will be spending some serious time on the road…..and off…..hunting for ducks. To facilitate this, on goes a 6” lift, 35” tall tires, and massive bumpers and winch to help pull this big white beast out of any mud holes it may end up in. And since it IS such a big white beast, it is only fitting that Stacey name this project “Moby Duck”! If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to have a daily driver, that can also be a nice hunting, fishing, or outdoor rig… This episode of GEARZ will show you how to do it… style!

Supercars, Hotrods & Go-Karts
JULY 16, 2013
Stacey rolls the SL-C back into the shop to show off the wild twin turbo system that Schwartz Performance put together for it. If you thought that 1000hp out of an LS-7 was impossible, THINK AGAIN! Even wilder is the fact that this engine is pulling those kind of horsepower numbers on pump gas, and it’s docile enough to drive on the street…until you hit the throttle! If supercars and twin turbos are your thing, you have to see this! After that, Stacey goes through some of the problem areas that you will face when you are building a vehicle and how to pick the right project. Finally He digs into the 1st motorized vehicle that most of us had…the Go-Kart. Rich or poor, young or old, there is something for everybody in this show, and that’s why they call it GEARZ!!!