Hotrod Station Wagon/Cornwell Tools

Season 6 Episode 9

Station Wagons…Love them or hate them, we all have some stories to tell about them! But most of us have never dreamed that a wagon could be a Hot rod or cool custom…but they can! Today on GEARZ, Stacey shows how much fun a wagon can be when it has an LS engine under the hood, and two four barrel carburetors sitting on it. If you ever wanted to thrash your Dad’s old Wagon, this is the show for you! After that Stacey digs into some of the most asked questions regarding shooting waterborne paint, and finally we take a trip to Texas to see how one body-man created his own business by selling tools, instead of using them. If you are looking for a new career, this could be your answer.


Chevelle Station Wagon (swapping intakes on an LS engine), High flow ram injection: Dual quad EFI intake, carburetors, aluminum valve covers & coil covers


Paint tech segment: Using waterborne paint

Cornwell Tools

"Ride along with a Tool Man"


Grooms Engines

Engine re-builds (Lil' Red Wagon Project)


Air intake kit for 2012 Jeep JK

Heartthrob Exhaust

HVS Stainless Steel Muffler

Ultimate Headers

Aluminum iphone & ipad cases