Building your own LS7/SL-C Drivetrain

Season 6 Episode 5

If you have ever dreamed of walking into a place like GM, and building your own engine using all their tools and equipment, you have to catch this episode of GEARZ, because that is exactly what Stacey does! With GM’s new build-your-own-crate-engine program, you are able to follow Stacey thru the process of building your own LS7 engine. Not only does it give you a great look at how these engines are built and manufactured, but it’ll also give you great incentive to get to GM and build your own! After that, Stacey goes thru the mysterious world of the transaxle, and how to set up a mid-engine car for mind-blowing performance. If you are not watching GEARZ, you’re missing out on a lot of things you haven’t seen before!

GM Performance Build Center

LS7 Crate Engine for SL-C project


SL-C Superlite Car


Porsche Drivetrain

OS Giken

OS Superlock (Limited slip diff/LSD)

Spec Clutches

Stage 3 Plus Clutch System

Monster Transmission

Transmission shell & accessories