Puttin’ a stick in a Mustang/V8 Interceptor Update

Season 6 Episode 13

Everybody knows that 80’s and 90’s cars are hot right now, and one of the most desirable is the Fox bodied Mustang because it’s cheap and offers incredible bang for the buck. Today on GEARZ, Stacey rolls in a 1990 Mustang cop car and shows how easy it is to pull out an automatic tranny, and stuff in a Tremec 6spd so you can shift the gears properly. Then it’s off to the Hot Rod Institute in South Dakota to see the paint and body work that the instructors and students have been doing to the V8 Interceptor. If you thought this ’67 Cougar was wild before, wait ‘til you see this show! Here Kitty,…..Kitty……Kitty….

State Line Auto Parts

Used pedal assembly for '90 notchback Mustang transmission swap

American Powertrain

Tremec 6-spd transmission kit including aluminum crossmember, "White Lightning" shifter for manual transmission



Shifter boot

Total Cost Involved

Front suspension for V8 Interceptor project

Jon Kaase Racing Engines

780 HP Boss Nine Engine for V8 Interceptor project

Hot Rod Institute

Paint & bodywork on V8 Interceptor

Grundy Insurance

Insuring your project with Grundy