Season 5 Episode 8

Two of the biggest complaints that people have about the new Car manufacturers today, is that they don’t build the cars and trucks people want, and what they do build is too expensive. Well, never fear because today on GEARZ, Stacey introduces the new Ram 1500 Express that has a 390 horsepower 5.7 Hemi in a short bed, regular cab truck, and an price tag that will have you rubbing your eyes and pinching yourself to see if it is true. Better yet, there is a huge aftermarket out there to help you build a one of a kind vehicle. In 1968, Plymouth stood the muscle car world on its ear with the incredible Road Runner. In 2011,Mopar has done it again with the Ram 1500 Express…and GEARZ has the very first one… BEEP…BEEP!!!

Dodge Truck Division

Ram 1500 Express (5.7L Hemi V8) Truck


Twin scoop metal hood, Bed rug, Bed rail system, Bed rail accessories, Tri-fold Tonneau cover, Chrome flip cap and other accessories


Factory flame red paint

Milestone Paint and Body

Custom paint & bodywork on Ram 1500 hood


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