Season 5 Episode 6

The V8 Interceptor is back! Stacey answers your questions by walking you through the fitment of that massive Boss 9, 520ci engine in the ‘67 Cougar. Headers, oil pan, master cylinders, are addressed, but the big surprise is what is going on top. It’s an incredible 8-stack injection with the look and feel of a vintage Hilborne system, and the function and drive-ability of a modern electronic fuel injection. You have to see it to believe it, and when you do see it, you won’t believe it! Then Stacey goes through some tips and tricks for your fuel system that will keep you running down the road, and not sitting on the side of it! It’s all GEARZ…and it’s all here!

Total Cost Involved

Complete suspension (front & rear)

Wilwood Brakes

Brakes for V8 Interceptor

Vintage Air

Heat/AC unit

Currie Enterprises

9" Axles

Billet Specialties

Accessories for Boss 9 engine


Oil pan for Boss 9 engine

Rick's Stainless Tanks

Custom gas tank

Mustangs Unlimited

Radiator & electric fans

Schott Wheels

Custom wheels



American Powertrain

6spd Tremec Transmission


Jon Kaase Racing Engines

Boss 9 engine & 8 stack fuel injection


Computer for Boss 9 engine

Ford Powertrain Applications

Ford headers for Boss 9 engine

Kaucher Kustoms

Keith Kaucher renderings of V8