Season Five of Gearz is available in a two disc set, and begins with the return of the Rat Roaster! In Season 5, Stacey takes a trip to Monster Truck Land with Bigfoot, gets Ted Nugent’s Bronco project back on track, takes a flight on the Stearman PT-17 biplane, and sees the return of the V8 Interceptor, all culminating with the completion of the Banshee! This 2-disc DVD collection includes all 13 episodes and has SO much GearZhead stuff on it…you might just combust!

Season 5 DVD


Season 5


Rat Roaster Details
FEBRUARY 23, 2011
Stacey rolls the Rat Roaster back into the shop to dig into the final assembly of this wild roadster. First it is the final fitting of a cool soft top, and then the final layout to the steering and the brakes to all bring this project one step closer to completion. Then it’s on to Heartthrob exhaust where Stacey takes a look at one of the most unique exhaust companies on the planet, and how it’s possible YOU have used their products in the past and not even known it. Finally, it’s the start of a National model car building contest that anybody can enter…… including YOU! So, What are you waiting for? Get movin’! There are cars to build and prizes to win!

Rat Roaster Final/Cornwell Tools
MARCH 5, 2011
One of the most exciting and time consuming parts of any project is the final assembly. This is where you bring it all together into a finished vehicle, and where attention to detail is so important. Today on GEARZ Stacey walks thru some of the things that need to be done on a project before you can actually call it “done”. Fuel system, electrical, driveshaft, these are all things that are easy to overlook and have a way of rearing their head to bite you at the end of a project. But with a little pre-planning and the right products, Stacey shows you how you can easily breeze downhill and to the finish line on a project, instead of crashing and burning so close to the finish line! After that we take a look at the amazing 90 year history of Cornwell tools and why they are considered the best kept secret in the tool world. Only on GEARZ!

The Phoenix: Ted Nugent Bronco
MARCH 12, 2011
There is a saying that for every good side of something , there’s also a dark side. Today on GEARZ, Stacey goes there as he reveals what to do when bad things happen to good projects. Using Ted Nugent’s old broken down and discarded Bronco as an example, he shows how to start over and re-kindle the passion in a project that has been given up on by everybody else. If your project has been stolen or stripped, or has become stranded by hard times, sometimes all it needs is a little change of direction to get it to rise out of the ashes and soar again. If Stacey can get Teds old Bronco to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes and fly again, you can do the same thing with your project too! You just have to roll up your sleeves and get to it!

Stearman: Hotrod of the Air
MARCH 19, 2011
We all know what a Hot Rod is right? Well today on GEARZ, Stacey pushes the boundaries of traditional Hot Rod thinking by showing you a vintage Hot Rod that FLIES! We don’t mean down the road! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to build, restore, and fly a vintage biplane, then this is the show to see. It’s exposed engine, open cockpit, wind-in-your-face cruising at its best! Then it’s back to the shop where Stacey deals with the classic problem facing drivers all across the country…..dull hazy head light lenses. With a few simple tools and techniques, He quickly shows you how to make them as good as new, and save some serious cash…… and that’ll have you singing “I can see clearly now, the haze is gone” Only on GEARZ!

Bigfoot/V8 Interceptor Door Handles
MARCH 26, 2011
Stacey finally puts an end to the controversy on all the Bigfoot sightings, and offers proof that Bigfoot does exist! And he lives in St. Louis! Sound crazy? Not really, because St. Louis is the home of Bob Chandler… the mad genius behind the Bigfoot Monster Truck. On this special episode of GEARZ, Stacey rolls through the unique history of not only Bigfoot, but the whole Monster Truck genre. If you’ve ever wondered how these big, smoking, monstrous beasts came to roam the planet, then this is one history lesson you don’t want to miss! After that, Stacey shows you how to get the best of both worlds by shaving the original door handles on a classic muscle car, and installing some smooth modern handles… WITH A VINTAGE LOOK!! A perfect combination? WE think it is, but before YOU can vote, you have to see the show!!

V8 Interceptor: Nips, Tucks & 8-Stack
APRIL 2, 2011
The V8 Interceptor is back! Today Stacey answers your questions by walking you through the fitment of that massive Boss 9, 520ci engine in the ‘67 Cougar. Headers, oil pan, master cylinders, are addressed, but the big surprise is what is going on top. It’s an incredible 8-stack injection with the look and feel of a vintage Hilborne system, and the function and drive-ability of a modern electronic fuel injection. You have to see it to believe it, and when you do see it, you won’t believe it! Then Stacey goes through some tips and tricks for your fuel system that will keep you running down the road, and not sitting on the side of it! It’s all GEARZ…and it’s all here!

Trailer Towing & Modification
JUNE 4, 2011
If there’s one thing that every gearhead needs, it’s a trailer so you can drag more junk home! The problem is, most of us don’t really put much thought into the set up of a trailer, and that can add up to some serious problems when you go to retrieve your prize. Today on GEARZ, Stacey walks you thru how to set up a simple trailer, so you’ll be ready to pull a rusted hulk out of a field, or pull a restoration from coast to coast. Compressed air, Winch, and auxiliary electric power are all things that you CAN take with you if you take the time to plan ahead and select the right equipment so it all works together. If you like to hunt for those forgotten treasures, a trailer is one tool you’ve got to have!

The RAM Express
JUNE 18, 2011
Two of the biggest complaints that people have about the new Car manufacturers today, is that they don’t build the cars and trucks people want, and what they do build is too expensive. Well, never fear because today on GEARZ, Stacey introduces the new Ram 1500 Express that has a 390 horsepower 5.7 Hemi in a short bed, regular cab truck, and an price tag that will have you rubbing your eyes and pinching yourself to see if it is true. Better yet, there is a huge aftermarket out there to help you build a one of a kind vehicle. In 1968, Plymouth stood the muscle car world on its ear with the incredible Road Runner. In 2011,Mopar has done it again with the Ram 1500 Express…and GEARZ has the very first one… BEEP…BEEP!!!

Speedway Motors/Cherrybomb Camaro
JULY 2, 2011
When it comes to America, we all know who the founding Fathers are, and what their vision was for this Nation. When it comes to Hot Rodding, a lot of people have no idea who the founders are, and how this all got started. Today on GEARZ, Stacey gives you an up-close and personal look at the legendary, “Speedy” Bill Smith and the incredible world of Speedway Motors. Not only were they there from the beginning in the early ‘50’s, but they are still on the cutting edge and pulse of the Hot Rodding world. How do they do it???? You’ll have to watch and find out! After that, Stacey takes a look at the wild ’68 Camaro that Cherry Bomb has put together, to serve as their new way to disturb the Peace. CRANK IT UP!!!!

Miata/Banshee Payoff
JULY 16, 2011
It’s back! It’s done!! AND it’s WILD! The Banshee comes full circle as Stacey walks you thru the complete buildup of this incredible V8 powered Miata, and then takes it out for a good flogging! If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Cobra or Corvette, but you needed something more reliable and affordable, this is one project you have to check out! If you’ve always considered the Mazda Miata a girl’s car…you HAVE to check this out! If you think that it’s impossible to have a reliable car with power windows, Air conditioning, and a real working top, that is ALSO blisteringly FAST…YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT! The best part is this is a car you can actually build and afford…and that’s what real Hot Rodding is all about!

The Drag ‘N Wagon
AUGUST 6, 2011
Stacey rolls the Ram 1500 Express back in the shop and starts to transform it into the Drag’N’ Wagon. Pulling on the legacy of the iconic Superbee, the Little Red Wagon wheelstander, and the current popularity of Dragon folklore, Stacey sets out to create a modern street machine from a lowly base pickup that anybody can afford. To get the rig to handle, a state-of-the-art air suspension is installed, along with massive brakes, and cool performance wheels and tires. One thing about this wagon…’s going to handle!!!!
After that, it’s off to the dyno to see what kind of difference a spark plug can make in the performance of your engine.

Old Trucks & Other Junk
AUGUST 13, 2011
Stacey rolls in an old ’67 Ford pickup that has been hacked on over the years, and shows how to get rid of the old afterthought floor shifter, and convert it to a column shift that will actually shift gears! After that, Stacey digs into one of the newest fuel injection units on the market and shows how easy it is to install, and then demonstrates how to shave the drip rail off of your muscle car. Finally, we answer the question: Is it possible to put chrome plating on aluminum or stainless steel? We take a trip to Advance plating in Nashville to find out. There’s so much stuff going on, you’re gonna need to watch this show twice!

Drag ‘N Wagon Interior/Safety Kleen/Revell Model Contest
AUGUST 20, 2011
The Drag’ N’ Wagon is back, and today the focus is on the interior. Have you ever wanted to get rid of the old, cheap upholstery in your vehicle, but not really known how to go about it? Well, follow along as Stacey shows you how to strip all that old upholstery off, and put some new leather on……and it really is something YOU can do at home! After that, we dig into the myth that recycled oil is BAD oil, and actually show that recycled oil might be better then what you are using now! Also, the Revell model building contest comes to an end and not only do you get to see the winning cars, but also a look at how a real car becomes a model kit. It’s something for everybody, and it’s only on GEARZ!!!