Season 4 Episode 7

Stacey rolls in a ’59 Ford Stepside Truck that is being built by the Herobox organization to help raise awareness for their goal of sending Heroboxes to all of our men and women serving in the Military. It’s a great cause and a great truck and both need to be seen! The truck has already received a lot of modifications, but Stacey adds his special touch by installing custom wood in the bed, trying out a new roll-on bedliner, and sinking some cool 60’s Corvette taillights into the rear fenders. If you’ve got an old truck and have been wondering how to bring the bed and fenders up a notch… this show will definitely give you some ideas! After that, Stacey shows you just how important having the proper work table is, and the kind of things you can do if you have one. It’s all about the tools… it’s all about the techniques… it’s all about GEARZ!

LMC Truck

Wood bed kit



Bed armor (Paint on bedliner)


'63-'67 Corvette Taillights

Stylin Trucks

Stainless Steel tips for exhaust

Hero Box Organization