Season 4, Episode 11

One of the most popular cars of the Muscle car era… the Mercury Cougar... has been one of the most overlooked cars in recent decades. All of that changes as Stacey rolls in a solid ’67 Cougar… dubs it the “V8 Interceptor”…and begins to completely change the front suspension to get rid of the stock shock towers and turn this little old lady’s car into a corner-carving, road-gripping beast. But wait!... You can’t cut out the shock towers can you!?! Yes you can!... and Stacey goes in-depth on not only how to do it, but also the installation of a complete TCI independent front suspension.    If you own or want to own a classic Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane, or other 60’s Ford, and have always wished you could get rid of those stock shock towers to get more room in the engine compartment, this is the show for you.

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