Season 4 Episode 10

IT’S BACK!!! The Rat Roaster ’32 Ford roadster rolls back into the GEARZ shop wearing a new coat of green paint and sporting a custom interior… but how did it get that way? Simple, It went for a visit to the Hot Rod Institute in South Dakota, and Stacey takes you there too, as he shows you what makes this tech school so much different than all the others out there. Then Stacey continues putting the finishing touches on this hot ’32 Ford roadster as it makes its way down the final stretch to completion. The baddest car in the valley in 1969 is about to come to life!

Hot Rod Institute

Rat Roaster paint & upholstery

Brookville Roadster

Rat Roaster body & chassis

Diversified Auto

Green Paint (PPG)


Velocity stacks

Honest Charley Speedshop

The Moon Tank


Steering Column

Gibson Guitar

335 Gibson

GMP Diecast

Rat Roaster Diecast Model

The Last Rock and Roll Show

Book: Danny White-Novelist