Stacey David is “Gearing Up”, in the Rattletrap garage to showcase some of the biggest projects on a working man’s budget. Season four kicks off with an exclusive trail ride in the all-terrain “Gamma Goat”.

Stacey spends some time in the garage fabricating some custom motor mounts for project “Heavy Metal”, an old Navy truck rescued from a local junkyard. The 1969 International Loadstar undergoes some serious overhauling for a mean, custom diesel drive train!!

“GO SPEEDRACER GO!!” Stacey takes the Real Mach 5 for a test spin on the speedway! Take a look into the history and development of this cartoon classic!
Explore the “Cash for Clunkers” mythos. Stacey takes a hard look at this government program and what this really means to you and gives you some alternatives to consider, as far as performance and fuel economy!!

Journey out to California with the Gearz crew, as Stacey takes a ride with the legendary Blue Angels. Experience the life of a Blue Angel’s pilot and go behind the scenes of their program to see team work at its finest.
Season four includes the introduction of another exciting project, “The V8 Interceptor”! Stacey sinks his claws into a ’67 Mercury Cougar as he rebuilds this project car from the ground up and really gives it some teeth!! The Gearz crew takes you to the big boss man, Jon Kaase to see his modest little shop, filled with all sorts of engine treats for all you GEARHEADS!! Sit down with Stacey and Jon Kaase as they discuss racing, engines and his involvement with the V8 Interceptor!

The “Rat Roaster” makes a triumphant return to the garage! New paint, Interior and exhaust are only a few things covered in this great roadster project! The Hot Rod Institute and its students help Stacey put a custom look on this roadster that will make George Lucas jealous! The GMP story, Stacey interviews the owner and looks at some new, detailed models and takes some measurements of the Rat Roaster for a model concept project! TIPS, FABRICATION and project builds, “What Are You Workin’ On?”

Season 4 DVD

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FEBRUARY 20, 2010
When it comes to off-road vehicles, more is usually better. This is especially true when tires are involved. Today on GEARZ, Stacey takes you through the nuts and bolts of one of the most incredible off-road vehicles ever built…the Gamma Goat. What!?! You’ve never heard of it? Well that’s probably because you were not in the military. Because only the military could dream up an articulating, six-wheel-drive, amphibious monster like this, and still keep it street legal! After that, Stacey walks you through some important safety tips and tricks that you need to know if you are going to be welding in your shop…so lock and load and strap in ‘cuz it’s all coming at you today on GEARZ!

FEBRUARY 27, 2010
Stacey goes where all of us have been before to pull an old derelict SEMI TRUCK(’69 International) out of a quiet junkyard to demonstrate the steps necessary to get an old, neglected vehicle running again. From rat’s nests to chicken poop, it’s all here as Stacey slowly coaxes the old truck back to life. This show definitely drives the point home that if something like this can be revived, there’s NOTHING that you should be afraid to tackle as long as you are armed with a set of tools and a sense of adventure! Go get ‘em !

MARCH 6, 2010
Stacey digs into one of the most influential cars and cartoons in our history — Speed Racer and the Mach 5. This show not only takes you thru the history of the cartoon, but also its cultural impact on multi-generations as well. But that’s not all, Stacey manages to “borrow” the real Mach 5 and put it thru the paces against Racer X and other challengers. If you’ve never crossed the line between fact and fiction, real and imagined, we invite you to do it now with Stacey. Go…Speed Racer…Go!

MARCH 13, 2010
One of the most controversial things to come along recently was the “Cash for Clunkers” program, but do you really know the whole story? Well after this show of GEARZ you will! But Stacey doesn’t just reveal the problems with the Cash for Clunker program, he also demonstrates real solutions available in the aftermarket to address the fuel mileage problem with simple upgrades that ANYBODY can do. If you are tired of feeling like a victim and are ready to do something about your vehicles performance and fuel economy…this is the show to see!

MARCH 20, 2010
Stacey answers some top questions from viewers as he compares OEM parts to their Aftermarket replacements. Which is the best quality? Which is the best deal? After you see this show, you will know the answer to those questions and a lot more. Then Stacey reveals the tips and techniques involved in welding in replacement sheet metal. If you never thought you could do this kind of major surgery yourself, this show will change your mind and encourage you to get out there and try it! So what are you waiting for? Get movin’!

MARCH 27, 2010
So you’ve got a new project and you are dying to dig into it huh?….. Well, before you touch it, there are some tips and trick you ought to know before you blow it all apart and end up getting lost in a project you can’t ever finish. Today on GEARZ, Stacey shows you those tips and tricks as he rolls in a Classic ’67 Mercury Cougar and starts methodically taking it apart to prepare it for some wild modifications down the road. If you are considering a project, or are already deep into one, you have got to see this show. Then we take an in depth look at the world of die cast models, as we put the spotlight on GMP and check out their incredible models. So whether you are into toy cars, miniature cars, or the real thing, this episode of GEARZ has something for everybody!

MAY 29, 2010
Stacey rolls in a ’59 Ford Stepside Truck that is being built by the Herobox organization to help raise awareness for their goal of sending Heroboxes to all of our men and women serving in the Military. It’s a great cause and a great truck and both need to be seen! The truck has already received a lot of modifications, but Stacey adds his special touch by installing custom wood in the bed, trying out a new roll-on bedliner, and sinking some cool 60’s Corvette taillights into the rear fenders. If you’ve got an old truck and have been wondering how to bring the bed and fenders up a notch… this show will definitely give you some ideas! After that, Stacey shows you just how important having the proper work table is, and the kind of things you can do if you have one. It’s all about the tools… it’s all about the techniques… it’s all about GEARZ!

June 5, 2010
If you ask any Gearhead what they dream about doing, being a Blue Angels Jet pilot or an Astronaut will be right at the top of the list. But what is really involved in being a pilot for the Blue Angels? Well today Stacey takes a look at the incredible history of the Blue Angels, and where they are today. Then as only GEARZ can do, Stacey takes you into the cockpit and allows you to experience first hand the incredible experience of flying with the Blue Angels. If sitting on top of thousands of horsepower and flipping inverted at the speed of sound sounds like fun to you… then hold on, because you are in for the ride of your life! If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a part of the Blue Angels, and wondered if YOU could ever be a part of the team… this is one show you can’t miss!

JUNE 19, 2010
Stacey rolls in that old International Cab over Truck, and starts a project called Heavy Metal. The project not only showcases people that work with their hands for a living, but also represents the Navy’s Blue Angels precision flying team. The first order up for business is to get some serious power into the truck and that involves Stacey stuffing a hot-rodded Duramax Diesel engine and Allison transmission into the old beast. If you have ever wondered what it takes to retro-fit a big diesel engine into a project, and if there are parts available to make it happen… this show will not only answer those questions, but also encourage you to do it!

JULY 3, 2010
IT’S BACK!!! The Rat Roaster ’32 Ford roadster rolls back into the GEARZ shop wearing a new coat of green paint and sporting a custom interior… but how did it get that way? Simple, It went for a visit to the Hot Rod Institute in South Dakota, and Stacey takes you there too, as he shows you what makes this tech school so much different than all the others out there. Then Stacey continues putting the finishing touches on this hot ’32 Ford roadster as it makes its way down the final stretch to completion. The baddest car in the valley in 1969 is about to come to life!

JULY 17, 2010
One of the most popular cars of the Muscle car era… the Mercury Cougar has been one of the most overlooked cars in recent decades. All of that changes as Stacey rolls in a solid ’67 Cougar, dubs it the “V8 Interceptor”… and begins to completely change the front suspension to get rid of the stock shock towers and turn this little old lady’s car into a corner-carving, road-gripping beast. But wait!… you can’t cut out the shock towers can you!?! Yes you can!… and Stacey goes in-depth on not only how to do it, but also the installation of a complete TCI independent front suspension. If you own or want to own a classic Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane, or other 60’s Ford and have always wished you could get rid of those stock shock towers to get more room in the engine compartment, this is the show for you.

AUGUST 7, 2010
Stacey takes a look at one of the most incredible engines that Ford ever built, the boss 429. But instead of leaving you WISHING you could have one, he shows you where you can actually GET one…. the legendary Jon Kaase. After that he rolls the V8 Interceptor, Cougar back into the shop and gives you 780 reasons why this car is called the Interceptor. With all that new-found room under the hood. Stacey stuffs in a 520ci, 780 horsepower, Boss Nine engine and a 6speed manual transmission to back it up. If you didn’t think modern performance parts would fit in a classic muscle car, this show proves they can! But there’s more to it than that, it’s the rebirth of Ford’s hemi and finally an answer to all those Ford fans who have wondered what could have been if the Boss engine had continued. The Boss V8 Interceptor is in the house!

AUGUST 14, 2010
Stacey rolls the V8 Interceptor/Cougar back into the shop and begins upgrading the rear end and rear suspension to handle all the massive power that has been stuffed under the hood. The parts are flyin’ as in goes a custom 3-link torque arm suspension, a 9” Ford rear end, and a tubular sub-frame to prevent the car from flexing. If you have a classic Mustang or Cougar, you’re gonna want to see this! Then Stacey shows you where to get parts for your Mustang or Cougar project by paying a visit to a special salvage yard that specializes only in…you guessed it…Classic Cougars! If you’ve ever wondered where to get those special parts….now you know. After that we take a trip to Michigan Tech to check out their amazing testing facilities and put some actual products to the test. It’s all here…. and it’s all GEARZ!

AUGUST 21, 2010
Everybody knows that the Jeep is an amazing vehicle, and people use them for everything from daily drivers to hard-core off-roaders. The question is, can you do both with the same vehicle? Stacey shows you that it’s possible, as he takes a very stock Jeep JK and slaps on a lift, wheels and tires, and other essential parts and begins to create a rig that is just as comfortable on the road as it is on the trail. With today’s economy, it’s all about getting the best bang for the buck and this show will show you how to do that. Then we dig into the unique world of Mickey Thompson, and see not only his influence in the creation of off-road racing, but also how he continues to influence the off-road and racing tire markets today.

AUGUST 28, 2010
Stacey brings the Rat Roaster two steps closer to completion as he installs a custom exhaust system underneath the car to quiet it down and then lays out the 3” chopped top that is going to cover the top of the car when it’s raining. If you’ve ever wondered how they do convertible tops, this is the show to see. After that, he rolls back the Trail Boss Jeep. Last week was about increasing off-road performance… this week is about street performance, as he continues to transform it into a rig that is Boss on the trail…and on the street! Stacey continues with the V8 Interceptor project, as he throws on wheels and tires, to give it a real mean stance! GRRRR! Stacey also introduces the gauge cluster for the ‘67 Cougar project!