Season 3 Episode 3

Everybody knows that the area most prone to wear and tear on your vehicle is the interior. Well, that’s OK because today Stacey shows you how to dig into one and bring it back to life without spending a fortune. Whether you just need carpet, door panels, or a complete overhaul, this is something you can do with your own two hands if you are not afraid to get dirty. Then, it’s on to the place you spend most of your time… the seat! As Stacey goes through the steps of reupholstering your old rag-tag seat, you’ll see it can be made as good as new. If you are tired of driving around with an old ratty interior and don’t know what to do, this episode of GEARZ is for you!

Cornwell Tools

Hand, Power & Pneumatic Tools


LMC Truck

Sound deadener, heat shield, carpet, Tilt steering column, stereo, AC vents, gauges, bezels, seat belts, door panels, Speakers, Kick panels, headliner, padding & uphostery, hood


Bill Hirsch Auto

Miracle Paint Rust Killer

Painless Performance

Wiring Harness


Billet Specialties

Dagger Steering Wheel