Stacey David is back in the Rattletrap garage tackling some great projects that range from all-out big and bad, to the art of banging out some cool things on a budget. The new season kicks off with the “KnuckleBuster” project where Stacey resurrects a ‘73 Chevy pickup that was left for dead in the late ’80’s. Follow along as he rebuilds the chassis and suspension, swaps in a new drivetrain, gives the pickup a facelift and finishes up with a complete overhaul of a ratty interior… all this without spending a fortune!

But that’s not all! Sit down with Stacey, as he conducts an interview with off-road legend, Ivan “The Ironman” Stewart. Watch as Stacey raises a vintage straight six from an almost forty year slumber and gives it the proper “Hot Rod” look. Journey out to a local salvage yard to hunt down some elusive parts and learn how to bring them back to life.

On top of that, we’ll put you in the seat as we venture out to Las Vegas and take part in the last real outlaw race, the Silver State Classic road race. This is a run-what-you-brung, all out road race were Stacey finds out that the only thing faster than a speeding ‘55 Chevy… is a speeding ticket!!

Relive the crazy summer of ‘69 as the “Rat Roaster” ’32 Ford project returns and Stacey blends the late ‘60’s hot rod culture together with the late ‘60’s music scene. He tops it off with a one-off Gibson guitar and a rare appearance and jam with legendary Hendrix, bass player Billy Cox! There’s also shows about the history of Hot Wheels, the massive “SGT. Rock” Power Wagon, the “Cherrybomb D100, as well as new cars, nostalgic cars and all the innovations, modifications, tools, techniques, and other cool gearhead stuff that makes GEARZ the hottest thing on the road!

BUCKLE UP BABY!! Season three of Gearz TV is about to leave you with some serious skid marks!!

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“Knucklebuster” Chassis Rebuild & Ivan Stewart
February 21, 2009
Stacey takes a well worn, ’73 Chevy pickup that was left for dead in the late 80’s, and starts bringing it back to life by upgrading the suspension and brakes. Not only is this a project that most anybody can do, but it is the start of a three-part series of the major steps that are involved in rebuilding a vehicle. With the way the economy is and the price of new vehicles today, this show demonstrates that there is a better option than buying something new…. bust your own knuckles and build it yourself! Then Stacey sits down with off-road racing legend Ivan Stewart to find out what makes him “the Ironman”.

“KnuckleBuster “Engine Swap & Locker Installation
February 28, 2009
Stacey jumps back into the “KnuckleBuster” project, and deals with an area we can all relate to… a sick engine and transmission. But instead of getting rid of that old worn out vehicle, you can bring it back to life by stuffing in a new engine and transmission; Stacey walks you through the steps to show you just how easy this can be. But, you must be willing to bust your knuckles some and get your hands a little dirty! After that, Stacey puts on the gloves and shows you how to perform a little surgery on a tired rear-end to get the traction that only a locker can supply. Make sure to turn your head and cough!

“Knucklebuster” Interior & Seat Re-do
March 7, 2009
Everybody knows that the area most prone to wear and tear on your vehicle is the interior. Well, that’s OK because today Stacey shows you how to dig into one and bring it back to life without spending a fortune. Whether you just need carpet, door panels, or a complete overhaul, this is something you can do with your own two hands if you are not afraid to get dirty. Then, it’s on to the place you spend most of your time… the seat! As Stacey goes through the steps of reupholstering your old rag-tag seat, you’ll see it can be made as good as new. If you are tired of driving around with an old ratty interior and don’t know what to do, this episode of GEARZ is for you!

Silver State Classic Road Race & MIG Welder
March 14, 2009
If there is one thing that every gearhead dreams of doing, it’s getting their car out on the open road and opening it up to see how fast it will go. Of course, there are a few things like speed limits, tickets, and jail time that keep people from doing this sort of thing. But, wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to do it just once? Well it is… and today Stacey shows you where as we showcase the last real outlaw race in the country… the Silver State Classic road race. If you have a car, and the desire to drive it fast, then there is 90 miles of wide open, two-lane highway in Nevada calling your name! Then it’s back to the GEARZ shop where Stacey addresses one of the most versatile tools you can have in your shop… the MIG welder.

CherryBomb Dodge Truck
March 21, 2009
If you’ve been around cars and trucks very long, you know that vintage, nostalgia, and rat rods are very popular. The question is, how do you make a nostalgia-style car with leaf springs hook up like a modern drag car but not lose the vintage look? Simple… you install a ladder bar system! But how do you keep the leaf springs from binding you ask? Ah… there is a special way to do it, and if you want to find out what it is …you need to catch this episode of GEARZ. Then it’s out on the road to test it out as Stacey shows you just how much fun you can have with a nostalgia-style vehicle. Would somebody please bail him out of jail?!?

Budget parts – Hunting in a Salvage yard
April 11, 2009
One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you are building a project is finding out the parts you need are no longer available. This can usually bring the project to a screeching halt! But all is not lost because there is another option and Stacey walks you through the ins and outs of hunting for those elusive parts in a salvage yard. After that, it’s back to the shop where Stacey shows you how to restore those old, rag-tag parts that you find. It’s auto recycling at its best, and with today’s economy, it’s also a smart thing to do!

Rat Roaster Part 6
April 18, 2009
The Rat Roaster is back!… and this wild little ’32 Roadster gets even wilder as Stacey starts adding some cool details to lock it into the Hot Rod and Rock and Roll culture of 1969. A cool microphone shifter with a touch of James Bond, a bass drum kick pedal, bobbed fenders and a wild custom Gibson guitar to go with the car are just part of it. There is also a special appearance by legendary bass player, Billy Cox, as he talks about playing Woodstock with Jimi Hendrix. After that, Stacey gives you the low-down on the plasma cutter and why you need one. If you like shows that are laced with equal amounts of cool and history, then this episode of GEARZ is one you HAVE to see!

The new Challenger vs. The World
April 25, 2009
Some of the biggest news to come down the automotive pipeline in a long time is the fact that Dodge is making the Challenger again. But how does it stack up against the legendary Challengers of old? Well, Stacey decides to find out! First, by “grabbing” a Challenger in a most unorthodox way and then comparing it head-to-head with a 70’ 440 six-pack car. But that’s not all… Then Stacey decides to take the new car beyond the legend by sticking on a supercharger and really blowing the doors off of the competition! If you are a Mopar nut, or have just wondered what all the fuss was about concerning the new Challenger…this is one show you’ve got to see!

The GearZ Stimulus Package
May 2, 2009
With the price of gas going up, down, and all over the place, people are becoming more and more concerned about fuel economy, and GEARZ is asked time and time again what products we recommend that really give you better economy and performance. Well, ask no more…because Stacey not only addresses that question, but also goes through the top 6 upgrades that ANYBODY can do to a vehicle! That’s right; these are inexpensive AND easy to do! After that, Stacey takes on the subject of alternative fuels by demonstrating that you can actually make a diesel engine run, and run well, on old used cooking oil! Now there is yet another reason to eat French fries! So pass the ketchup and put the hammer down!!!

Sgt Rock – DIY Accessories & Motor Mounts
May 9, 2009
Every once in a while, there comes a point in your project where there are no parts available to help you and your only choice is to make something yourself… but how do you do that? Stacey walks you through the steps of how to lay out an engine swap, and how to hand fabricate motor mounts, so you can stick an engine into a vehicle that it was never intended to go into. It’s hard-core, down and dirty how-to, but somebody has to do it… and it needs to be YOU. The good news is, with Stacey walking you through the process and showing you how to solve problems, it CAN be you! Now you just need to get out in the garage and start working!!

Vintage Hotrod Straight 6 & Candy Paint
May 23, 2009
Everybody knows that the engine is a central key component to ANY Hot Rod project. But is a V8 the only way to go? NO WAY! Stacey takes a vintage straight six engine that has been sleeping in a crate for almost 40 years and he puts on the right pieces. He shows you why the straight six was a force to be reckoned with in the early days of hot rodding. After that, Stacey jumps into the tips and tricks of how to paint your own true Kandy paint job. If you are into vintage Hot Rods, Kandy paint, and multi-carbs… you don’t need to go on a diet… you just need to watch GearZ!

New Bed on an Old Ford
May 31, 2009
The “KnuckleBuster” is back on GearZ, and Stacey is putting the final touches on this ’73 Chevy pickup. After a quick look at the new paint slathered on its flanks, Stacey gives the truck a face lift with grille, bumpers, and all that other cool trim stuff. Then it’s on to the bed where he lays in some oak to give the former “beater” some class and style. Finally, it’s underneath to stick in a new exhaust system to keep the bad gas blowing out the back. If you have ever wondered if you could really build something cool yourself… all you have to do is check out the finished “KnuckleBuster” and be willing to bust YOUR own knuckles… the rest will take care of itself!

The Hot Wheels Story/New Goodyear MT/R Tires
June 6, 2009
POP QUIZ… what are the 16 most influential cars ever made? If you answered Ford, Chevy, VW, Honda, or any other car manufacturer, you are close…but wrong! The 16 most influential cars ever made were the 16 original Hot Wheel cars that Mattel rolled out in 1968. Stacey walks you through the fascinating and unique story of how those little metal cars came to be and how they changed American car culture in a HUGE way. Young or old, you will love the story about the cars that turned living rooms across the country into huge racetracks. Matter-of-fact, we’ll bet you not only remember these cars, but you probably owned a few of them over the years. So, dig out the toy box and put the chores on hold because it’s time to do some Hot Wheels racin’!