Designer/Builder, Stacey David wraps up his second successful season of Stacey David’s GearZ®. This highly entertaining how-to program focuses on customizing and bulding cars, trucks, hotrods & other rides, as well as takes you on some of those wild test drives. Season 2 is loaded with tool, techniques & inside secrets that you just won’t see anywhere else. The purpose?…. to encourage viewers to “get out there and build something… and then go drive it!”

13 episodes of Season 2 are filled with more innovations, modifications & hard work on some really popular favorites all the way from the “Rat Roaster” to the “Banshee,” but you’ll also see some brand new projects like the V8 powered bar stool, called “Hoss Fly”… to the brand new ’08 Corvette “Ol Smoke,” that was given away by Armor All and Tony Stewart to one lucky gearhead! You’ll get to watch an average family: mom, dad & the kids all take part in the final touches of finishing up their family Jeep, working alongside Stacey as he guides them through changes and installation, interior and under the hood! You’ll thrill to the footage of the all0time most famous car movie, Smokie & the Bandit, and get up close & personal with it’s most famous character… the Black Trans Am. You’ll see Stacey work his magic with nothing more than… a black sharpie! Ramping up horsepower, customizing body & metal work, mastering tools, installing seats, restoring interior & sitting in the car with Stacey on a really fast ride on a hot track… are just a few of the things we know you won’t want to miss!

Hook all those new things up with some old favorites like “What are you Workin’ On?”® featuring a gearhead just like you and his latest project & Parts Bins with Stacey showing you some of the coolest products on the market. You’ll have a combination of shows that you’ll watch again & again… no eclipse… so why wait any longer? Get watchin’ so you can get workin’ on your own ride… it’s the thing Stacey LOVES to see happen!

Season 2 DVD

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Smokey and the Bandit
February 23, 2008
Quick…..what is the most famous car movie of all time? Bullitt?….Vanishing point?……Gone in 60 seconds? Nice guesses, but in terms of influence and sheer popularity, Smokey and the Bandit stands above them all. Today on GEARZ! Stacey takes a look at not only the cultural impact of Smokey and the Bandit, but also it’s most famous character….the black Trans Am. Then it’s off for a test drive of Year One’s new Burt Reynolds Bandit edition Trans Am to see if it lives up to the true supercar status of the original. Finally, Stacey takes a look, and shows you how to use, one of the most mysterious and versatile metal working tools out there….the English Wheel. So strap in and hold on, because we’re east bound and down……..

The Rat Roaster Engine
March 1, 2008
The “Rat Roaster” returns and Stacey finally reveals the kind of power plant that would have made this wild deuce roadster the fastest car in the valley in 1968. And if dual carbs, a blower, and about 600 horsepower doesn’t get you going……maybe the fact that he’s stuffing a 5 speed manual transmission behind it will! If you’ve ever wondered how to plan a project out so it makes sense and then follow it through, this is the one to watch. Then Stacey digs into the Parts Bin to take a look at some of coolest products on the market to help you build your own special ride.

Rat Roaster ’32 Ford Exhaust & Frame Work
March 15, 2008
Stacey not only brings the “Rat Roaster” ‘32 back in the shop, but he also takes it under the knife as he creates a very unique Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style exhaust system and does some custom modifications to the frame to hide it all from the casual on looker. If you are interested in taking your project and building it into something truly unique by thinking outside the box…..this show will definitely encourage you to do that. Then Stacey digs into some tips and tricks on how to set your vehicle up for storage, and those times when your classic car or hot rod is going to be sitting for awhile and not used.

The V8 Barstool
March 22, 2008
In the world of hot rodding, when gear heads gather around and start discussing their projects, invariably the conversation drifts into speculation of what the smallest thing is that you can successfully put a V8 engine in. Stacey pretty much puts an end to that speculation by building a V8 powered BARSTOOL!! It’s part go-cart… part garden tractor… part insane… and ALL hot rod, which of course is what GEARZ is all about! If you like WILD… then you don’t want to miss this show! Then Stacey dives into some Muffler Tech to show you what kind of mufflers there are on the market, and give you some tips that might help you make the right decision when the time comes to stick some cool mufflers on your machine.

Tri-Powers & Six-Packs
March 29, 2008
When it comes to classic hot-rod components, nothing gets people going like a multi-carb setup. And the king amount these is the Tri-power. Long admired for their stellar performance and macho attitude, the tri-power has become a hard thing to find. So why find one? Why not build your own? Stacey walks you through the process of building your own tri-power out of old derelict parts. After that, he pulls out the big Mopar guns and shows what it takes to put together a six-pack. If multi-carbs are your deal…
you’re gonna love this show! Then Stacey gets down and dirty and shows you how to build some simple, ultra strong axle dollies by using some old scrap metal like the kind laying around YOUR garage. Who said gearheads aren’t into recycling?

Banshee Paint & Body
April 5, 2008
This is it! The show a lot of people have been waiting for, because the Banshee is back from paint and ready to answer the question… does it still look like a ’95 Miata? Or has Stacey shown you how to create a completely different monster? Well, all we can say is the proof is in the paint, and you are not going to believe how complete and affordable this transformation really is! Then Stacey digs into the age-old question: Is it better to restore a car original, or modify it? … well the answer is up to you as he features a really clean ’68 Plymouth GTX… with some not-so-subtle modifications.

The Rat Roaster – Building Floors
April 12, 2008
Stacey pulls out the tools and starts working metal as he dives into the subject of what to do when your floors are gone…..I mean literally gone…nothing there! It’s not as big a problem as you may think as Stacey rolls in the Rat Roaster and shows you how to create solid metal floors from nothing. This show is loaded with tools and tech that will help you build anything from a small patch panel to a complete floor. While he’s at it, Stacey also covers seat selection and placement so you have a place to plant YOUR seat when you get ready to roll down the street.

Ol’ Smoke Corvette
April 19, 2008
What do you get when you combine Armor All, Tony Stewart, and Stacey David with an iconic vehicle like the Corvette? You get a really cool car called “Ol’ Smoke” and some lucky viewer is going to own it! That’s right, Stacey takes a brand-new ‘Vette and shows you how to create your own 180+ MPH Supercar for a fraction of the cost, using some aftermarket parts. How is that possible?… turbos baby!… and on this show Stacey shows you how to slap a PAIR of ‘em on the Corvette to run the horsepower numbers to over 600! If you have ever wondered about turbo charging an if it’s right for your vehicle, this is a show you definitely want to see.

Ol’ Smoke – Part 2
May 3, 2008
Ol’ Smoke is back as Stacey finishes up the transformation of a Brand-new ’08 Corvette, into a full-on super car capable of running with any Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini. This week it’s a brake upgrade, along with wheels and tires, and some custom airbrushing, to not only make the car even more unique, but to also get it ready for it’s new owner to enjoy. Then in true GEARZ fashion, Stacey takes Ol’ Smoke out and puts it through the paces as only he can! …showing once again that you can not only have fun BUILDING something cool, but also having just as much fun DRIVING it when you are done. No doubt about it, somebody is going to get special car when Armor All gives Ol’ Smoke away. Gentlemen, start your engines…

Banshee Carpet & Exhaust System
May 10, 2008
What is the nastiest project that EVERYBODY has to do eventually? That’s right… replacing old, worn out, nasty carpeting. Stacey rolls the Banshee back in the shop and shows you how to bring a very tired interior back to life with some tips and tricks that will help in replacing those old, worn out threads with some new ones. While we are on the subject of interiors, Stacey also digs into one of the best kept secrets in auto restoration… painting a dash and door panels. If you would like to make your dash and door panels look like new again in just a few hours… for very little money… and not have the paint flake off in a few weeks in big chunks, then this is the show you have to see!

K&N Air Filter Story
May 31, 2008
Stacey takes a look at one of the first aftermarket parts that became available to the public back in the day. The performance air filter… and man does it have an interesting story! From the lowly beginnings of fragile paper elements, to the massive, top secret facilities of industry powers like K&N, the air filter has a heritage that was born and bred on the race track…and there’s no end in sight! Then Stacey digs into one of the neatest tools you’ll ever see, and one that every metal worker should own… the Power Hammer. If you are interested in shaping metal and building your own panels, then you need to see this one in action.

Suspension Lift on an ’07 Jeep JK
June 7, 2008
Ya know, people are always asking if it is possible to get their rig on GEARZ… Well, Stacey does just that by “borrowing” an ‘07 Jeep JK from a family, and jumpstarting their project with the sole purpose of taking it to the next level. However, the real challenge is to try and build something that the WHOLE family will like and still be able to use on the street or off-road. If you’ve ever sat and stared at your project and tried to figure out what the heck to do next or what is the best thing to spend your time and money on… this show is the one to see. And who knows? One day you might see your vehicle on GEARZ!

’07 Jeep Wrangler JK – Bumpers, Lights & Mileage Upgrades
June 22, 2008
Stacey puts the finishing touches on the ’07 Jeep Wrangler with off-road bumpers, body armor, and some off -road lights, and builds a very capable off-road rig that is still civil enough to be driven every day. However, just before the Rhea family takes possession of their “new” Jeep, Stacey springs a little surprise on them… He enlists them to help him squeeze a little more performance and gas mileage out of the vehicle, just to prove that anybody can do it! On go the performance air intake, computer upgrades, synthetic oil, and even some slick new seat covers. If you have been reluctant to modify your vehicle because you didn’t think you had the ability…Think again! This show proves that anybody can be a gear head and make their vehicle better in some way. So now you have no excuse to not be working on something!