Big Bad Buick

Season 12 Episode 7

Stacey rolls in a Big Bad Buick Riviera, and shows you what is possible with the right vehicle and some bolt on parts. This 1972 Riviera is  a great entry-level project that won’t break the bank, and has the potential to serve some serious humble-pie to any unsuspecting hot shot that may want to mix it up at the stoplight.      As it sits, the big 455 under the hood is a force to be reckoned with, but Stacey shows what a weekend in the garage and a top end rebuild can do for a car like this! Get ready to get your hands dirty and bust a few knuckles as Stacey pulls the old heads, intake, cam, and ignition off and replaces them with performance parts from companies like TA Performance, Edelbrock, and MSD. It’s a lesson in Buick and bolt-on horsepower, and you’re only gonna find it on GearZ.

Released April 14, 2018

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Cornwell Tools

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E3 Spark Plugs

Spark plugs on the Buick
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Aluminum intake for 455 Buick
750 CFM performance Carb
Head Bolts

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Hot Shot's Secret

Diesel Extreme, Winter Anti-Gel & Everyday Diesel Treatment

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’60-’66 Chevy Truck Floor pans, Hood, Bedsides

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MSD Performance

Distributor, coil & wires

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Detailing rig, blade multi-light & smart cables
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TA Performance

Stage One Street Eliminator Aluminum heads, Valves, springs, rocker assemblies, 212 performance cam Lifters, Pushrods, Double-chain timing chain, High performance oil pump assembly, Lifter valley shroud, Aluminum Buick valve covers

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Woodward Fab

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