Season 12, Episode 6

The Catalog Camaro is back in the garage and ready to go under the knife as Stacey shows how to do a butt lift and tummy tuck on a 2nd generation Camaro. What does that mean? Well, last season Stacey performed a nose job on this old ’81 Camaro to show how easy it is to get rid of the 80’s plastic front bumpers and put on the classic early 70’s split-bumper, rally sport front sheetmetal. This week he continues the makeover by losing the plastic rear bumper and wrap-around taillights and grafting in the early 70’s quarter panels, round taillights and chrome bumper. It’s more in depth than the front and definitely requires some skilled metal surgery, but Stacey shows you all the tricks on how to do it properly. So, sit back and enjoy the ride as Stacey details how to measure, cut, and weld your way to a much younger looking Camaro.

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