V8 Interceptor Final Assembly

Season 11 Episode 4

This episode of GearZ, it’s all about Cougars! No, not that kind of Cougar… the kind with 4 wheels and a legendary pedigree! After a short history lesson about how these cars came into existence and why they were so cool, Stacey rolls the V8 Interceptor back into the shop and digs into the final assembly of this wild ’67 Mercury Cougar. This week’s episode focuses on planning out your final assembly, and taking care of all the little details, before you put the big things in like engine and transmission. Whether it’s planning out your brake system, battery location, or running fuel lines, Stacey shows how a little extra time in the planning department will make all the difference in your build.

Released January 27, 2018

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Currie Enterprises
31 spline axles & rearend housing
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E3 Spark Plugs

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Earl's Plumbing
Speed flex hose & Aluminum fittings
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Fuel filter & Pressure regulator
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Mr. Speed Coatings
Powder coating reader and "X" crossmember
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Pure Choice Motorsports
Brake Lines & Fittings
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Steele Rubber Products
Seal Tech Partner
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Total Cost Involved
Front Suspension
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Wilwood Disc Brakes
4 piston rear brake assembly
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Woodward Fab

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