Season 12, Episode 3

Stacey takes a trip to Fort Carson, Colorado to visit the Army auto skills program during their world conference. Not only does Stacey get to meet a General, but he also meets a young Sergeant who is in the middle of a frame-off square body restoration. After a thorough walk around, Stacey decides to get LMC involved in helping out with this build. Parts for the bed of his truck can’t match the gratitude we share for our active military and all those who have served, but it’s a start. And we can’t wait to see the project when it’s finished. And speaking of new beds, with the custom bed on the Snow Cat, it’s time to address the tracks, and Right Track Systems has us covered. That little cat is going to tear it up when all is said and done! It’s going to be a lot of fun on GearZ.

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